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2021 Best Steak Knife Set


Best bang for the buck! Simple yet solid, these stainless steel German-made steak knives are forged knives with serrated blades. The rounded handles is quite comfortable in the hand.


This Modernist 4-piece steak knife set enhances your eating experience. This set includes four 4.5-inch steak knives perfect for slicing through pork chops, filet mignon, and chicken cutlets with ease.

Beautiful and practical, the Modernist cutlery line features a fully forged bolster construction that seamlessly transitions from blade to handle for durability, balance, and striking design. Fabricated from high-quality German stainless steel, the satin-finished blade produces precision cuts and is honed for long-lasting sharpness. Equally ergonomic and stylish, the hollow stainless-steel handle is wonderfully lightweight. Its fingerprint-proof sandblasted texture is easy to grip and is beautifully finished with a polished, logo-embossed end. Enjoy effortless cutting and cleanup with these dishwasher-safe knives.

  • Set includes: four 4.5-inch steak knives

  • Knives fabricated from high-quality German stainless steel with a satin-finished blade

  • Fully forged bolster construction for durability, balance, and design

  • Lightweight, ergonomic, stainless-steel handle with a fingerprint-proof sandblasted texture that is easy to grip

  • Polished end cap with embossed logo

  • Enjoy fatigue-free cutting with these ultra-sharp blades

  • Dishwasher safe