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15 Creative Ways to Display Your Wine Collection

I'm an avid wine drinker (a connoisseur, if you will) and I love to show off my collection. In the past, I've found myself just piling all of my bottles up on a table or in some other random spot. This year though, I decided to get creative with where I display them! Read on for 15 ways that are sure to make your friends green with envy.

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Wooden Wine Racks

Vie wine rack Curvo wine rack

Nambé Collection Nambé Collection

Acadia wood, 4 bottles Hardwood, 4 bottles

USD $139.99 USD $146.94

Circle Wooden Wine Rack Legnoart

Nambé Collection Enoteca Wine Bottle Stand - Coffee

Acadia wood, 6 bottles Made in Italy, Ashwood, 10 bottles

USD $76 USD $97

Anderson Cast Iron Wooden wine rack

Carbon Loft Global Explorer

17"T x 5" Deep x 16"W,10 - bottle wine rack 8 - bottle acadia wood

USD $48.49 USD $62

Violin Shaped Wine Rack Cyan Design

Size: 19"W x 7"L x 53"H Staggered Spirit wine rack 36.5" tall - Oak

10 - bottle decorative wine holder Made of iron and wood, 10 bottles, 11.5" wide

USD $239.99 USD $127.50

Align Wall-Mounted Wine Rack Metal Wall-Mounted Wine Rack

True Brand Dims: 47.25" H x 20.5" L x 3.5" D

Streamlined, 9 bottles, black wrought iron Ample storage up to 12 bottles

USD $44.99 USD $102

Marble Finish Top Wine Storage Gese Model

Kings Brand Furniture of America

11- bottle metal black, 15"Wx12"Dx33"H Wood grain finish, 11 bottles

USD $65.99 USD $251.59

4 Column Corner Countertop Rack

$109.80 | Buy from Wine Racks America

Do you have a space that seems to be awkwardly empty? This 4 column corner countertop rack is designed for exactly this type of awkward situation. Built from premium materials and amazing craftsmanship, these racks are built with durability in mind!


  • Width: 21 15/16"

  • Height: 13 1/2"

  • Height with rack: 90 5/8"

  • Height with crown: 93"

  • Depth: 9 3/4"

  • Bottle slot: 3 1/2"

  • Rows: 3

  • Bottle capacity: 12 bottles

4 Column Counter Top Rack