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Why Not Try Another Shade in the Bedroom with these Sex Toys?

Sex toys can be a great way to spice up your sex life, and they're not as expensive or complicated as you may think! There's no shame in admitting that you need help when it comes to pleasuring yourself - so why not add a toy or two in your hardware to get the job done!

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The world's oldest sex toy was a 30,000-year-old siltstone phallus doubled as a tool to ignite fires. - 6

Photo courtesy of University of Tubingen, Germany

What are sex toys?

"Sex toys are material objects selected, created, and used to generate or enhance sexual arousal and pleasure in both solo and partnered sex. They can be homemade, but most are bought. Sex toys are made of different materials, such as plastic, silicone, glass, leather, and steel, and directly used on or in the body, particularly around erogenous zones. Some sex toys are low-tech, while others are high-tech and come equipped with Internet connection, mobile app, camera, motors, and so on to provide interactive functions and the sensations of vibration, pulsation, warmth, pressure, suction, or thrust. Sex toys can take a variety of forms and shapes and are related to different sexual lifestyles and identities. " 1

The most common sex toys we commonly find on the market are dildos, vibratorsm anal beads, penis rings, masturbators, and BDSM toys.

Not Eveyone can orgasm from penetrative sex - PubMed.gov

Sex Toys for Solo

Studies reveal that sex toy use is overwhelmingly more popular with the solo clientele when masturbating. Vibrators, for example, can be inserted on the inside or outside of a person's body during this activity and provide different sensations in either place to change things up depending on what feels good at the time. 2 While women tend to prefer non-insertive use of vibrators, bi-sexual and gay-identified men tend to prefer internal use of vibrators for anal stimulation. 3

Sex Toys in Partnered Sex

While it is less widespread than masturbatory use sex toy usage is quite popular in established couples. Their use seem to be more common in established couples than with for one night stands or casual encounters with a partner you just met at the bar because we all have different needs and desires as people change over time so it can play a positive role in overcoming routine sex, the age factor may play a role as we may need more stimulation to achieve orgasm or simply the fact that older relationship couples tend to be more comfortable in revealing their sexual needs. 3

Sex Toys for Couples

Some of the best sex toys for couples are ones you can both get a lot out of. Because there's nothing quite like sharing pleasure with your partner and feeling closer to them than ever before? So why not enrich the foreplay by treating yourselves to something sexy that will please all two or three people involved in this special moment...

Monogamy Game To Play With Your Partner | $17.97

To play, take turns rolling the die to move around the game board. Whatever square you land on, you must perform the corresponding action. The Strip square directs you to take off an article of clothing. The Drink and Food squares let you sip or nibble seductively. Monogamy squares direct you to pick a card. Special squares like the Massage Parlor or Erotic Dancing challenge you to get physical.

Remote G Spot Vibrator Ultra-Thin | $26.98

Thanks to its soft material and ergonomic structure, it can be adjusted to fit your unique shape for extensive erotic games. Please & Tease. It can be worn during sex, delivering intense stimulation and rumbly vibrations to both the G spot and the clitoris. You both share the vibrations.

Butt Plug Trainer Kit for comfortable long-term wear | $16.99

Wearable for out-of-bed activities to accentuate the effect of the pleasuring and boost arousal before playtime.

Tease Bentham 20 Vibration Mode Massager | $24.99

This upgraded wand will bring you stronger power than before, enjoy more extreme comfort massage therapy, and you can use different modes and speeds alternately to massage your neck, arms, feet, shoulders, back and other parts of your body; It focuses the vibration force on the flexible head and allows you to focus on the single part to release the pain in the max extent.

Vibrating Anals Beads Butt Plug Unisex | $19.99 USD

This luxury anal vibe is fully submersible, so it’s ideal for intimate shower or tub fun, and easy to clean it for carefree backdoor stimulation and training. Better effect to use with water-based lubricants. Explore 3 intense levels of vibration and 13 different patterns as power pulses from vibrating bullet within the graduated beads.

Haughty Butt Dice Sex Hame for Adult Couples with 34-Position Booklet | $14.97 USD

Roll the two 12-sided sex dice to decide which 2 positions you’re going to take on first, then keep rolling to keep the couples games fun going! Booklet with enlarged images of each love dice position, detailed notes on how to practice it, and additional kinky tips for getting more intimacy, pleasure and fun out of your relationship and each other!

Multifunctional Bounce SM Couple Chair Game toy | $82

Made of high-strength TPU Nylon, can hold weight up to 300 lbs. Flixible, conforms to the body for comfort and back support. Unisex, discover this new sex position enhancer.

Adam's Extension adds Two Full Inches to your Erection | $19.95 ON SALE $11.95

Forget the pills and live the fantasy with Adam & Eve’s amazing penis enhancing sleeve: Adam’s Extension! Just slip this sleeve on over your erection to instantly add extra girth and a full 2” of length. If you or your partner have ever wanted to experience the fantasy of sex with a larger, girthier shaft, Adam’s Extension is just the sex toy to add to your collection.


Male Sex Toys

Silicone Dual Penis Ring - Premium Stretchy | $10.99

Double Cock Rings are designed to go around the testicles and the cock, gripping and stimulating both to send sensations through your entire body.

Male Masturbator Stroker | $17.54

The real feel material helps men maintain the fantasy of penetrating a real vagina. Works well with water-based lubricants.

Automatic Blowjob Hansfree Sucking Machine | $219.99

Automatic thrusting provides mind blowing sensations,constant stroking motion that will satisfy your pleasure immensely! Very compact and comfortable fit, natural and realistic internal structure: soft and elastic particles increase the friction during exercise, easy to carry and enjoy anytime, anywhere.

  • ️Waterproof level: it can be used underwater, can be used in the bathroom or any other damp place, and easy to clean.

  • Discreet Package: Privacy first, we deliver all products in plain packages.

Lifelike Sex Doll Male Masturbator Toy with Vagina, Ass Butt & Torso | $69.69

Made from ultra-realistic TPR material, it feels like actual skin and when you squeeze the cheeks or waist, it is very likely. And it feels even better when you get inside.

Lifelike Sex Doll Male Masturbator | $34.69

The male masturbator toy has been cleverly constructed from ultra-lifelike, phthalates free TPR to deliver a fabulously fleshy feel and the most satisfying solo sex play of your life. Two tight love tunnels spread open to accommodate your cock as you slide into her sweet pussy or tempting ass. Let the incredible texture of the sex snack that is your new curvaceous and cromulent cortaisan massage your cock to climax!

Silicone Vibrating Anal Plug, Prostate Massager, Masturbator for Men & Women Couples | $20

3-ịn-1 male massager: anal sex toy, vibrator and penis ring. Can provide you with a powerful and exciting sexual experience, vibrating ball for men, 100% waterproof.

Luna Personal Wand Massager - 20 Patterns & 8 Speeds | $24.99 USD

Relieves tensions and induces relaxation, 100% waterproof, medical grade silicone, USB rechargeable and 1.5 hour battery life. You can customize your sexy massage experience with any of the 20 patterns. Unisex and comes in 5 different colors. #1 Best Seller on Amazon


Best beginner sex toys for both men and women

Adam & Eve Scarlet Couture Spank Me Paddle | $17.97

Equip yourself for hot bondage fantasies with this naughty paddle! The Adam & Eve Scarlet Couture Spank Me Paddle is just the right size and texture for spanking. Just a flick of the wrist sends this lightweight vegan leather paddle swishing through the air until it meets your lover’s most sensitive spots.

Fifty Shades of Grey Please Sir Flogger | $29.99

Read the fantasy, then live it! Your Fifty Shades Of Grey Please Sir Flogger can lay down sweet, teasingly light licks and tickles on bare flesh –– or dish out firm lashes for your pleasure-and-pain enjoyment.

It's all in how you handle it: a quick flick of the wrist, or tracing sensitive areas with 40 tantalizing suede leather tails.

Fifty Shades of Grey Hard Limits Bed Restraints Kit | $64.99

The Only Collection Approved By E.L. James

Turn erotic fiction into erotic fact –– in the privacy of your own bedroom. Inspired by the erotic Fifty Shades of Grey novels of author E.L. James, this easy-to-use kit puts pulse-pounding passion at your finger tips in just minutes.

Personal Lubricant Water Bassed for Men & Women, 32 oz | $23.93

Beautifully designed in an elegant black pump bottle, that can discreetly sit on your bedside table. Nooky Lube’s smooth, silky feel gives more slip than silicone and petroleum based lubricants making it perfect for couples. Does not dry out, colorless and tasteless, rinses off with water, glyceine and paraben free.

X-Rated Outfit with Matching Thong & Wrist Restraints Included | $20.97

The chemise comes with a choker, a matching thong and wrist restraints. The choker ties around your neck and features a metal accent ring. The thong has an elastic waist and cotton lining for your comfort. And the stretchy wrist restraints feature Velcro closures so they go on and come off easily.


What is BDSM and why might it be right for you as a couple

BDSM is shorthand for a variety of sexual activities that involve restraints, domination and submission. These can include bondage, discipline such as spanking or flogging to cause pain; dominance with an emphasis on control through physical restraint or verbal command (this may also be referred to as "power exchange"); sadism which means inflicting either mental anguish in the form of humiliation at one's hands or extreme acts like cutting off your hair without permission then throwing it out into traffic when you've agreed not use scissors around me ever again! And finally masochism meaning receiving pleasure from being hurt by another person.

This art form known as "BDSM" has been around for decades with kinky people using their imagination in ways that they find pleasing sexually while not hurting themselves or others physically when exploring these fantasies - which can also be done at home without any type of equipment needed! Being creative is the key!

Homemade Sex Toys

The most common sex toy used today are commercial products. However, many people are still using household items or other things to enhance their sexual stimulation such as fruits, plants or a sel-made device for sexual stimulation. These homemade toys can be made out of need for discretion in families where it would not be appropriate to purchase explicit products like this but also due lack of money or access otherwise.

Couples Build Sex Toys Together | DIY Kink

Whether you're looking for an extra layer of personal fun for yourself or looking to spark your couple's sex life, but don't want anything too expensive or complicated, then what about trying out some of those adult toys? They might seem like an unusual idea at first glance--but they can be a great way to get creative and break the routine after so many years. Plus, there are so many different options that it's impossible not to find the perfect toy for you! So why not give them a try? You never know how much pleasure you'll discover in something new.

All products featured on Men Objects are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.


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