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25 LDR Gifts to Remind Him How Much he Really Means

Long-distance relationships are hard. You can't hug, kiss, or hold hands with your partner when you're apart. The temptation to give up and crawl back into the comfort of being alone is hard to fight. If you're tired of waiting on texts that never come, then it's time to take matters into your own hands with some long-distance relationship gifts!

But that doesn't mean long-distance relationships have to be lonely and boring! There are tons of ways to stay connected even if you live miles apart from each other.

With these 25 gifts for long-distance lovers, he'll know how much he means to you no matter where in the world he is!

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Long Distance Relationship Gift Ideas for Him

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Elegant LDR Sign Gift 4" x 6"

$23.99 | Buy from Amazon

4.7 stars***** out of 5 (733 ratings)

A heartfelt quote that will comfort your boyfriend, "I Love You More Than The Miles Between Us". Ink is directly printed onto an 8x10 wood plaque that holds a 4x6 photo, and includes a clear acrylic photo protector.

Engraved Compass

$23.99 | Buy from Amazon

4.6 stars***** out of 5 (73 ratings)

Engraved with “The day I met you, I found my missing piece. You are my Soul Mate, My Everything” - Unique special gift for him, A perfect and unconditional way to say I love you deeply. The air-damped compass is made of brass and is antiquated to give the antique finish. Size-Compass: 50mm x 18mm, Leather Case: 2.5 x 2.5 x 1 Inch.

Vintage Candy Co Happy Birthday

$39.99 | Buy from Amazon

4.7 stars***** out of 5 (4 ratings)

Specially created with the boys in mind. Celebrate his birthday with this super fun gift that's sure to bring back memories. We've completely loaded to make this box memorable and fun. It's loaded with over 3 lbs of classic, old-time, retro nostalgia candies and it will instantly blast the special birthday girl into the past.

Torch Lighter 6' Long

$13.99 | Buy from Amazon

4.4 stars***** out of 5 (2,068 ratings)

The torch lighter uses a sturdy turbocharged nozzle to produce a flame of 2850°F up to 3.0in, which can easily resist outdoor wind. Comes in 5 colors.

LDR Love Messages in a Bottle

$19.97 | Buy from Amazon

4.8 stars***** out of 5 (37 ratings)

Surprise your other half with a daily dose of passionate love messages in a capsule. Crafted to make your other half smile even when you are apart and remind them your love is indestructible. 50 PRE-WRITTEN MESSAGES - These usually come with blank pieces of paper. But, these have a passionate love message already written on the piece of paper inside the capsule.

9-oz lavender soy candle