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30 Men Accessories That Can Make you More Desirable!

Who doesn’t want to be desired? Being desirable is as complex a mixture of ingredients as any other dish. It's not just about being physically attractive, though that does help. There are four key components in the mix as per Psychology Today and the good news is, your physical attractiveness is only one of them for which there is nothing you can do about it. All the other 3 factors can be learned and controlled such as your charisma, the circumstances under which you meet someone and your self-presentation which involves your general appearance (grooming, hairstyle, style of clothes, smell, etc.).

We are positive that in the true spirit of self-presentation, if we help you find the right accessory to wear, you will become more desirable and get more flirts your way!

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It's Time to Spice Up Your Life With Some Accessories!

Fashion today has become a big business and brands are trying to make us believe that we need their expensive clothes or accessories in order to be sexy. Just think of the massive success of the LVMH French Group and it's 75 luxury brands. But the truth is that sex appeal can be achieved with affordable basics like a white cotton-shirt, plain socks, fitted denim, basic underwear, leather sandals, a pair of shades or a hat, etc. but you have to pay attention to details and how to wear it.

You don't have to go out and spend thousands on clothes when you can easily buy a few accessories that will make your outfit look expensive too. Don't be fooled, just because these are budget friendly doesn’t mean they're not appealing or attractive.

A simple t-shirt goes a long way!

White t-shirts are a must for any wardrobe and this is especially true in the summer. You can always wear them alone with some ripped jeans or you could even pair it up with your favorite suit to stay classy at all times! No matter what, white tees have never gone out of style so don't be afraid to experiment by layering on different types of tops beneath the tee shirt itself.

This is a Dayton Regular V-Neck T-Shirt: $40 | Buy here

The white shirt, an everyman's wardrobe essential with a timeless appeal. From the office to drinks and back again; this closet staple will go anywhere you need it to without sacrificing style.

Bairstow Slim Fit Cotton Western Shirt

$75.97 USD | Buy here

Long Sleeve Slim Fit Jersey Shirt

$13.00 | Buy here (60% OFF)

50% Polyester/ 38% Cotton/ 3% Elastane


Cuban Collar Shirt with stretch

$180 | Buy here

Engineered from a stretch fabrication, the Finnis shirt in white features a cool Cuban collar and short sleeves for a sartorial summer aesthetic.

Composition - 74% Polyamide 26% Elastane

Washcare - Machine wash

Multi-Strand Braided Leather Wristband Wrap Bracelet

What is the best reason for not wearing a watch? When you can't wear it because of where you are or what your doing. Traveling to sketchy places overseas, going clubbing at night in DC with thugs lurking everywhere... wristbands don’t have any issues like that and they look great too!