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35 Modern Luxury Design Tableware & Decor Objects

Isn't it time you upscaled your office lounge, hotel rooms, home décor accessories around the kitchen, conference room, living room or the bar area with some premium quality design tableware at affordable prices?

The Nambé Collection & Modern ArtOnDesk Collections are perfect modern design accessories to do exactly just that, get an instant interior makeover with a wide range of stunning luxuty items surprisingly not that expensive! Take a look.

Image of the Nambé Collection available on Amazon

The Twist Coast Set

A witty design, each piece in the Twist Coaster Set stacks together. As they're stacked, the rotation builds so that the column appears to twist upward. When in use they’re both beautiful and functional. But when not in use, they create a whole new artistic décor piece for your home.

All products featured on Men Objects are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

The Lupo Napkin Holder

Forego the paper towels for a classier option at your next dinner party. The Lupo Napkin holder is the perfect balance of convenient and formal. Guests will love the unique design while you’ll love the functionality. Keep napkins easily accessible and prevent them from straying out of place with the Lupo Napkin Holder.

Nambe Lupo Napkin Holder
Nambe Lupo Napkin Holder | $57

The Fruit Tree Bowl adds a delicious sense of fun and jubilation to the kitchen or dining room. Fill with seasonal produce and watch the fruit colors pop against the wood. The upward gesture of the branch centerpiece, and the shape of the bowl itself, give this unique piece an irresistibly playful spirit.

The Loop Towel Holder

The Loop Towel Holder is a bold, bright, statuesque way to anchor and dispense paper towels. The combination of Acacia wood with Nambe Alloy blends modern with natural styles to create an elegant piece that fits into any kitchen.

The Salad Bowl with Servers

A solid and substantial cut of rich acacia wood forms the heart of this stunning salad bowl. The dramatic grain of the wood is accentuated by the elemental shine of chrome on the handles and at the ends of the serving spoon. When the bowl is filled with salad, the chrome touches feel almost ethereal.

Nambe Braid Salad Bowl with Servers
Nambe Braid Salad Bowl with Servers | $150

Nambé Breeze Napkin Holder

Created with elegant curves and smooth lines, the Breeze Napkin Holder is the perfect touch to any existing kitchenware or décor. The contrast of the Acacia Wood and Stainless steel makes it a timeless piece with a modern twist.

Nambé Spiral Wine Chiller

The Spiral Wine Chiller offers the perfect cradling shape for a bottle of your favorite vintage. The simple, yet bold, artistic statement of the design resembles the winding turn of a spiral staircase, sure to stand out while pairing perfectly with your home décor.

The Handle Bowl - 10"

Drawing inspiration from the Handled Tray, the Handled Bowl has rounded sides that arch upwards and two perforated ovals that form handles for easy grasping. It’s perfect for serving with it’s convenient shape and handles as well as it’s sleek modern design. Multifunctional masterpiece!

The Handled Tray - 14"

The sleek rounded shape of the Pebble Handled Tray makes it a timeless addition to your collection. Its simple, yet sophisticated style allow it to pair perfectly with any existing home décor or kitchen wear. It’s a fantastic addition to any table. Use it for serving in the kitchen or for personal design elsewhere in your home.

Harmony Cheese Board with Knife

From prepping to serving, the Harmony Cheese Board with Knife moves smoothly through the functions. Its perfect for serve as you go entertaining, with the knife built right into the board. Guests can even slice their own cheese as they go, taking the burden off your shoulders.

A Stand Out Piece

Decorative and functional, bring the Nambe Copper Canyon Bowl into your home for some Southwestern influence. The unique and contrasting bowl and texture is sure to become a household favorite.

Kissing Salt & Pepper Shakers

The clean, elegantly flared shape of the Kissing Salt & Pepper Shakers is enough to catch the eye, but the fact that they "kiss" captures the heart. Each shaker features flat planes at the top and bottom where the two seem to meld as one.

The Cuervo Wine Rack

Resting on its Nambé Alloy base, the Curvo Wine Rack’s acacia wood form curves rhythmically to create spaces for four wine bottles. A beautiful and functional art piece, it can be displayed from the side or the front for two distinct effects.

Nambé Vie Wine Rack

Made of Acadia, the Vie Wine Rack is a contemporary functional piece of art for your bar. Resting on its Nambé Alloy base the curved slots of Acacia wood cradle up to four wine bottles for an eye-catching display sure to be the talk of any dinner party.

Braid Condiment Server

It features a braid detail arranged in a series of coils to form a base for a trio of stunning wood bowls. It’s perfect for nuts, snacks, dips, or even just as living room décor. It’s a polished and playful way to keep the coffee or dinner table looking neat.

Nambé Nara Ice Bucket

The wood Nara ice bucket with scoop has a curved shape and flared opening that complements any table or bar. With a plastic insert to hold the ice, the lid fits securely to keep its contents cool. The ice bucket comes with a shovel-shaped scoop.

Nambé Tulip Tool Jug with 5-Piece Kitchen Tool Set

Top your counter with the Nambe Tulip Jug. Designed to coyly echo a flower vase, it bridges the gap between garden and kitchen in an innovative way. Combined with the swivel bottom and set of utensils, it combines the convenience you need in the kitchen with the aesthetic you’re seeking.

Nambé Harmony Chip & Dip Server

The Harmony Chip & Dip is an entertaining must-have with a generously sized main bowl, great for filling with enough chips for a crowd. Your guests will love the styled construction of your serverware.

Nambé Scoop Server, Silver

The Scoop Server is a functional and modern twist on the classic chip and dip. A smaller vessel hangs over the larger bowl in a graceful arc, allowing for easy, all-in-one-place dipping.

Scoop server silver
Scoop Server | $200+

Nambé Tilt Wine Chiller

Your favorite bottle of white wine or champagne stays cool and crisp when served in our classic Tilt Wine Chiller. The angled rim creates a playful design, and the metal's excellent thermal properties allow the thick-walled chiller to be placed in the freezer before use.

Wine chiller silver
Wine Chiller | $100

Nambé Blend Bar Board with Knife

The Blend Bar Board lives up to its name by transitioning seamlessly from preparing to entertaining, and back again. The bread knife fits conveniently into the side, so you can slice as the night goes on.

Kibo Piggy Bank

Fashioned after an adorable piglet, right down to the coil of its tail, the Kibo Piggy Bank captures the innocence of a child in its whimsical design.

Nambé Gift Collection Cat Figure

With a whimsical spirit, the Cat Figurine touches the heart of every animal lover. The minimalistic design and sleek curvature makes this cat figurine a pure work of air that shines in any home on any table top.

CAt Figure silver
Cat Figure | $39

The Braid Picture Frame

Frame your favorite people and places in fabulous style. The Braid frame is perfect for preserving a precious moment forever.


Introducing The "ArtsOnDesk" Modern Art Collection

The Modern Stainless Steel Satin Finish Pen and Pencil Holder

Modern Art Pen and Pencil Holder
Pen and Pencil Holder | $ 59.90

This Pen and Pencil Holder is created from the designer’s inspiration to create a unique pen and pencil holder. It will be a must-have office tool as well as a work of modern art.

The Mira Ring Holder

Featuring a vertical post to keep rings neatly displayed, the Mira Ring Holder is an illustrious catch-all for your jewelry. Set on a bedside table, kitchen counter or bathroom sink as an ideal resting spot for your most precious pieces.

The Stainless Steel Paperweight

Unique design provides comfortable grabbing and moving. High-end and collectible.

Arts On Desk Modern Art Desk iPhone Stand

Specially Designed to Solve Other Cell Phone Stand's Problem -Tipping Over with Typing. Users can press, type, swipe or do whatever they like without holding the phone.

Desk iPhone Stand
Desk iPhone Stand | $ 59.90

Arts On Desk Art Tape Dispenser

This Tape Dispenser is designed to serve as an efficient office tool as well as a work of modern art. It can be used with one hand instead of two hands that other dispensers require. Made of high quality stainless steel it is crafted by hand and made with cutting-edge workmanship.

Modern Art Tape Dispenser
Modern Art Tape DIspenser | $79.90

If you’ve been wanting to update your home but the cost of renovations is too high, these unique collections of luxury tableware and décor objects can be a quick way to make your space feel like a luxurious modern Modernroom. These unique collections of home décor objects offer a rather quick way to make your home a luxurious modern space with very little effort. So treat yourself and upscale! Can you find a more affordable way to upscale your space while grabbing attention and getting the conversation going?

All products featured on Men Objects are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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