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A Luxurious Touch of 35 Modern Objects for the Contemporary Man

What are the top 5 modern life objects that you can't live without?

The contemporary man of today is impatient at times but shows many signs of a modern man. He is aware of and cares about emerging trends. Whatever impact his life in a positive or negative way.

From technology, fashion, health, fitness, environment, family, investment to his well-being. The modern man shows signs of openness, respect for equality rights, stands up against prejudice, and shows more signs of affection and feelings.

“The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change his future by merely changing his attitude” - Oprah Winfrey”

What is being a modern man?

Being a modern man is all about wanting to become a better human being. It doesn't have to revolve around your own personal inner feelings and values.

Look at your interaction with the rest of the world and what role you choose to play. Unless you are one of those who haven't made up your mind yet and would rather stay on the fence.

One thing is for sure is that you are not what your dad was. You can be cool even if you have a female boss, care about the environment, and show some affection. You listen without judging people to better understand them is also another sign of a modern man.

Men are more than muscles. "Male power is inherent in a willingness to consciously explore new roles". - Rebecca S. Heiss Ph. D from Psychology Today.

What are the Top Qualities of a Modern Man?

Modern men are more than just pretty faces. They're also considered environmentally aware, compassionate dads and active citizens who take pride in their appearance!

Jochen Schmitz, from Wilkinson Sword, said: "Modern men would rather be seen as caring (52%), ethical (25 %) and open (36 %).

The top qualities of a modern man include being affectionate, doing their fair share of cleaning for the home and family (whether that be cooking food or taking care of clothes), veganism according to a recent study conducted by Wilkinson Sword. Other signs include environmental awareness; pride in one's appearance; standing up against causes they believe strongly about- all 2 thousand adults from around the world who were surveyed.

Top 50 signs that you are a modern man:

  1. Does their fair share of cleaning

  2. Talks openly about their feelings

  3. Is comfortable with a woman as their boss/manager

  4. Discusses mental health

  5. Listens to others

  6. Confidently plays with children

  7. Is affectionate

  8. Is happy to be a 'stay at home dad'

  9. Doesn't always feel the need to put on a 'brave face'

  10. Stands up against prejudice

  11. Is conscious about the environment

  12. Keeps active

  13. Wants to leave a better planet behind for future generations

  14. Is happy to try new things

  15. Is well-groomed

  16. Makes time for their friends

  17. Taking pride in their appearance

  18. Doesn't judge people

  19. Is vigilant about the recycling

  20. Is self-assured

  21. Makes sustainable choices

  22. Is able to provide for their family financially

  23. Doesn't have a 'stiff upper lip'

  24. Understands how to dress 'smart-casual'

  25. Always does what they think is right2

  26. Could win a fight, but doesn't get into them

  27. Will go halves on a date rather than insist on paying

  28. Enjoys reading

  29. Stands for a cause

  30. Gives advice

  31. Can put up shelves

  32. Faces their fears head-on

  33. Has a skincare regime

  34. Enjoys baking

  35. Gets involved with their community

  36. Happy to have a self-pamper night - face mask, bubble bath

  37. Interested in style

  38. Is a proud feminist

  39. Is ruled by their heart, not their head

  40. Is able to style his children's hair

  41. Gets their beard styled

  42. Stands up to their boss

  43. Keeps up to date with the latest fashions

  44. Wears pink

  45. Meditates

  46. Drinks cocktails

  47. Goes to protests/public events

  48. Does yoga

  49. Has a cool car

  50. Is a vegan

The only thing holding back the modern man from moving from where he is to where he should be? It is his w