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The Complete List of Belts for Men & Buckle Styles

People always wonder if belt buckles are still in style, which one to wear, what are the different styles, sizes, shapes, and materials to choose from. Belt buckles are like different outfits you wear to every occasion/event you have to attend. You dress differently to go to a funeral than you dress to attend a first-time job interview or to go on a date, a wedding, hunting, or washing your car. Same with belt buckles. As you will see, you should have just as many as you have pairs of shoes in your closet.

Buckles Types

The "Frame Style Buckle" is the classic one that has existed for the longest time. The prong usually matches the buckle, and you can find some silver, gold, black or brushed.

The "Plate Style Buckle" is quite the opposite as it is very bold and daring. Always very popular for those going for the western style and also frequent for those who wish to associate themselves with either a group, a geographic area, some humor, or any historical statement.

The "Micro-Adjust or Ratchet Buckle" is the one size fits all with no prong. You measure it once you receive it, cut the extra material, and replace the buckle over the cut to hide any uneven layer from the scissor's cut. The " Box Frame Buckle" is open on each side, can get wet, and is the military-style that we often see on a canvas strap.

And finally, the "O/D Ring Buckle" is the one with the canvas strap that goes through the rings. This one is pretty cheap, washable, and wearable with bermudas, shorts, sportswear.

Strap Materials

There is a wide range of beautiful leather, fabric, canvas, and synthetic material available. Leather tends to be more formal and dressy than canvas and fabric which are more casual. Dark colors are also more formal but not necessarily more elegant. Textures can make your look a little more edgy, daring or trendy. "Calfskin" is found in the high-end belts, not as durable as the "Cowhide". The cowhide are work belts, more durable and common on the market. Some of these more exotic models come in Lizard, Crocodile, Alligator, Ostrich, Snake, Cow and all various types of animals. "Braided Leather" is more casual with a frame style buckle and easily adjustable to any size waist.

"Suede Belts" are elegant, not as common, and more delicate but so chic if you want to stand out from the crowd and draw a few flirts. The "Tooled Belts" are mainly seen in western wear with cravings and drawings into the belt. These are made of thick cowhide leather, not a dressy belt but more associated with a work belt. The"Faux Leather" and the "Canvas Belts" are less expensive. One should be chosen thicker and the other canvas comes in all sorts of colors and washable fabrics.

The "Webbing Belt" slides through a buckle and uses a cinching device that holds the belt in place. It is a strong fabric woven that can be made of hemp, cotton, linen, or other synthetic fibers such as nylon, polypropylene, polyester, or some high-strength material such as Dyneema and Kevlar. And the "Rope Belt" is rather rare but can be seen on sailors who need an accessory that can get wet and dry fast.

How to Mix & Match Your Belts

The Timberland Casual Belt color wheat or a Dickies Double Prong Cowhide Belt (from $14.95 on Amazon) with a pair of " Mickason Ripped Slim Fit Wild Jeans, $33 on Amazon, or a Stacy Adams genuine leather with perforated tip and keeper, from $16.75 on Amazon.

An academy blue polyester Under Armour Webbing Belt, $17.72 on Amazon with a white pair of by Goodthreads Men's Slim-fit Washed Chino Pant, from $14 or a Square Buckle Suede Leather 11/2", $18.95.

A Kenneth Cole REACTION Premium Stretch Textured Weave Slim Fit Dress Pant, $25, matched with a Stacy Adams Ozzie Croc Embossed black belt, from $25 to match the black shoes or a Granada Men's 100% Suede Nubuck Leather Dress Belt 1-3/8" Wide if you pair it with these awesome Bruno Marc Urban Suede, Lace Up Oxfords, from $23.99.

COOFANDY Mens Western Cowboy Shirt Embroidered Denim Long Sleeve Casual Button Down Shirt, From $11.00 would fit perfectly with a pair of jeans accompanied with Genuine Full Grain Western Floral Engraved Tooled Leather Belt Strap 1-1/2" Wide, $21.95. The silver buckle is a Vintage Fashion Western belt for only $8.55. Also nice with this Nocona Boots Men's Standard Indian Chief Skull Floral Scroll Antique Silver Western Belt for $32.48. The black boots are by Dan Post, Milwaukee 13" Western, from $116.25 on Amazon.


Wearing a Belt or No Belt?

Avoid falling victim to the one accessory that can possibly tank your fit as Pitbull found out while appearing on MTV's TRL. For the lucky guys who are able to stay fit and can maintain an ideal waist size, know that you should always be able to purchase a pair of pants that do not need any belt to hold the trousers, especially when wearing sneakers. For most guys though, the presence of a belt is comfortable and should match the color and style of your shoes. Black on Black, Suede on suede, cowhide reptile with a similar alligator shoe, breaded with loafers of the same color. Just use a little bit of smart casual.


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