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Sophisticated & quality-made accessories meant to exceed men's expectations.

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We introduce a collection of black objects because we believe that black color can also be celebrated in a positive way as we see it filled with different positive connotations. Black is authoritative and powerful, but, often associated with elegance, style and offers a great contrast with any color. It can be serious, conventional, even mysterious, yet, very sophisticated. At times, it symbolizes simple grief. However, at times, rebellion and provocation are intended.

Zen Lumen modern Triangular Desk Lamp

$59.99 | Buy here

Taking design cues from minimalism and modern home living; this desk lamp is ideal for those working from home, creating digital content, or streaming. The desk lamp features a wireless Qi charger and two USB 2.0 ports giving you all the power you need to charge your phone, tablet, or any device you need to take control of your work.

Crownful Mini Fridge Portable

$69.99 | Buy here

The Crownful Mini Fridge is a small appliance to store food, drinks, beer, snacks, breast milk, insulin, medications, cosmetics and skincare. This is a multifunctional fridge you didn’t know you need.

COOL AND WARM MODE: Set the fridge to cool or warm with just the flip of a switch! It cools up to 35°F (2°C) below ambient temperature or keeps warm up to 149°F (65°C) on the internal thermostat. Very easy to operate and use.

Nightstand Lamp-Dimmable-Touch Control LED

$51,99 | Buy here

The open circle design is neat and gorgeous. Light weight, easy to clean and easy to carry around. Flat and modern article, it is a space saver suitable for even a very small side table. It is absolutely a fancy choice to upgrade your space to more contemporary.

Automatic Winder for 4 Automatic Watches

$189.99 | Buy here

Comes with 6 extra watch storages, LED Illumination, wood shell piano finish, silent motor, flexible watch pillow and USB Cable.

Natural Cowhide Rugs Solid Black (6.5' x 7.5')

$199.99 for the Black one | Buy here

100% Genuine cow hide Rug. The cowhide rug that you receive might not look like the picture, some spots may be large, or smaller. The natural cowhide rugs are all unique in patterns and colors ranging from white to brindle and metallic and is also available in tricolors providing a wide variety to choose the perfect area rug to match with your room’s interior.