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Complete Guide to Men's Underwear Types

It's a fact that most men hate wearing anything less than boxer briefs, but between all the brands, the trends, the fabrics and styles, there are some men's underwear types you should know about. We've done the research for you in this guide to all the most popular types of men's underwear on the market.

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Men's Underwear Types

Classic Brief Underwear

Description: Tight and supportive with the leg ending well above the thigh. It's cut high and tight. They tend to fit better on tall guys with long legs. If you're looking for a sexy way to cover up those private parts, men's classic brief underwear is the perfect solution. It offers excellent support and coverage without being too tight or restrictive while also providing an attractive silhouette.

Best for: Sports, activewear, and summertime when we still need to maintain less friction of outerwear against the skin.

Boxer Brief Underwear

Description: These have longer legs but still provide the same support as the briefs. Tighter than the regular boxer, they provide more support and tend to be warmer.

Best for: Sports and outdoor activities, this is one of the most popular because it is very functional and comfortable as it supports everything. It is important to choose carefully the fabric of your choice as it can get warmer for everyday use if you are allergic to wool or any synthetic fabric.

Low Rise Trunk Underwear

Description: It's just a shorter boxer brief. More adjusted than the boxer and provide more support, it is also referred to as a square cut.

Best for: This is the offspring of the briefs. They probably are a good reward for all the guys the work out and finally reach their goal physically. Also, look better on guys with a good posterior. They tend to be a more suitable choice as well on guys with slimmer legs.

Classic Boxers

Description: This type of undergarment need no explanation as these are very popular, provide very little support. This type of short is very comfortable as it provides unhindered leg movement but provides no support and can't be worn for any type of sports activity.

Best for: Maximum breathability and men of all sizes, these are classic and often referred to as the better fit for high fertility rate if you are trying to get your wife pregnant.

Bikini Brief Underwear

Description: These have very little material but a small bikini material holding the pouch in the front and the coverage in the back. A more sensual version of the briefs, this type was first introduced as swimwear.

Best for: This popular type offers still some good support for any sports activity. It is best for sex appeal with men looking at attracting a lot of attention or avoiding too many sun tanning lines.

Jock Strap Underwear

Description: This style has nothing but a pouch in the front and 2 straps in the back. The pouch of jockstraps is often used by cyclists because they provide more coverage than most pairs of undies, the pouch being as close to the athletic cup as you can find.

Best for: They are very comfortable because they keep all your bits at the right place and you won't have any fabric moving into the uncomfortable areas while you are on the move. Perfect for any sports and we love them in the summertime as well when we tend to overheat in high-intensity workouts. Some will even cheat and wear them underneath white pants to hide any line and to feature their posterior attributes.

Men Thong Underwear

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