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Timeless Duffle Bags for Men of Style

Looking for a multi-purpose quality duffel leather bag for men you can carry around for daily use and weekends?

A duffle bag is one of the most versatile large bag you can have in your wardrobe. It's perfect for travel, work, or play. Made from either natural or synthetic fabric, the modern duffle bag has even evolved by adding some beautiful antique pull-up leather and lined with cotton canvas. This luxury accessory will last for years to come, especially those made of quality leathers.

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You deserve the best things in life and that includes luggage! A luxurious duffle bag will be your go-to accessory when traveling or just running errands around town. Carry it by hand or throw it over your shoulder with its adjustable strap; either way you'll look stylish and feel comfortable on the inside and out!

What is a duffle bag?

The true origin of it is a large bag with an open top that's usually closed by a drawstring. It has been historically used for military non-commissioned personnel and for travel, sports, and recreation by civilians alike. A duffel bags lack of rigidity makes it easy to carry bulky objects such as sports gear or other supplies. A duffel bag is often confused with a hoop-handled hard-bottomed zippered bag, known generically as a gym bag. A duffel bag has an outer fabric made of waterproof canvas that is typically blue or black in color and has two leather straps at the top to close it.

What's the difference between the duffle and the gym bag?

Originally, the duffel bag was a long, cylindrical bag that had a drawstring at the mouth. The drawstring can be adjusted to make it smaller or bigger depending on how much stuff you have inside of it. This traditional style has now evolved into a wide variety of soft sided bags commonly referred to as weekender. A holdall or gym bag is an American term for large cloth or leather bags with rectangular bases and zippered openings at the top that are used as luggage, backpacks, carryalls, travel bags etc.

Are they good for traveling?

Of course they are. You wouldn't want to show up at your in-laws for the weekend with a regular traveling carry-on on wheels as though you were heading for Cancun, would you? They make the best weekender bag since you can fill them partly and squash them to fit particular airline luggage restrictions. Maybe not the ideal companion if you are heading for a business appointment which will require your ironed suit in mint condition but it certainly over compensate in style.

Can I Take A Duffle Bag On a Plane?

The size requirements for carry-on luggage vary from airline to airline and it can change depending on the type of flight or even country that you're flying in. On most flights, though - 9 inches x 14 inches x 22 inches is allowed as long as it doesn't exceed 50 pounds.

What are the best Duffle Bags?

Well, you can go the practical route and choose the most resistant fabric below or go for the middle ground by opting for style and quality and this should make everyone jealous around you when you stand in line at the local Starbuck. And in most cases, that means the best looking duffel bag is made from leather. Duffle bags made of cowhide are one-of-a-kind and develop a patina over time that is yours.

  1. Frye Logan Overnight: $597.95 available at Zappos

  2. STS Ranchwear Cowhide Duffle Bag: $358.00 Buy at Zappos

  3. Bostanten Genuine Leather Duffel: $129.99 Buy on Amazon

Duffle Bag Fabrics

Duffles get thrown around a lot between the room floor, the gym locker and the next weekend adventure. That's why it's important to invest in something that will last - otherwise I know from experience what kind of abuse my bags have to handle when I'm traveling.

The most commons fabrics you will come across are nylon, polyester, Cordura grade fabrics (nylon & polyester), canvas and leathers. Nylon is a synthetic fabric that manages to be soft, durable, and lightweight. While polyester is the cheapest material option, nylon ballistic and Cordura are often used in the top-quality duffle bags. The durability depends on its abrasion-resistance and weather-resistance which can vary depending on what it's made out of.

  • Bridle Leather

  • Cotton

  • Nylon

  • Rugged Twill

  • Tin Cloth

  • Weatherproof Leather

  • Leather

  • Ripstop Nylon

  • Nylon Webbing

Filson Duffle Bags

  1. The Large Dry Duffle provides water-tight protection on long trips. Rugged nylon fabric has a waterproof, abrasion-resistant polyurethane coating to keep gear dry even when fully submerged | $250 Buy at Filson

  2. Built with tough 1000D Cordura® nylon for rugged durability, your gear will be well-protected on excursions for years to come. The zippered lid is U-shaped for excellent visibility and ease of access to contents | $245 at Filson

  3. This Medium Rugged Twill Duffle Bag is made of rain-resistant Rugged Twill and Bridle Leather to create a durable, dependable travel bag | $395 at Filson

  4. The Filson Large Rugged Twill Duffle is made of our water-repellent, abrasion-resistant Rugged Twill for years of dependable use | $425 at Filson

  5. Handcrafted on a working cattle ranch, the Ranchlands Duffle is made with vegetable-tanned leather and sized to meet airline carry-on requirements. Outfitted with sturdy straps and solid-brass hardware | $595 at Filson

  6. English Bridle Leather trim and handles tanned in the USA by 120-year-old tannery Wickett & Craig | $1,295 at Filson

Duffle Bags Features

Wheeled duffel bag
Wheeled Samsonite | $77.33
  • Carry On

  • Laptop Sleeve

  • Removeable Strap

  • Water Repellent

  • Wheeled

Duffle Bag Activity

  • Everyday

  • Field

  • Travel (best duffle bag for travel, best travel duffle)

  • Camping

Black Leather Duffle Bags

  1. Kenneth Cole Reaction Port Stanley 20" Pebbled Vegan Leather | $49.99 on Amazon

  2. Leathario 100% Genuine Leather Duffle Bag | $178.99 on Amazon

  3. Nike Air Jordan Jumpman Duffle Bag | $125 on Amazon

The Jordan Jumpman Duffel Bag features a durable design in textured synthetic leather that's ready for your next adventure. Benefits Textured polyurethane exterior offers durability. Dual rolled top handles make carrying comfortable. Dual snap tabs at sides provide carrying options. Product Details Detachable luggage tag Dimensions: 10" H x 18" W x 8" D Material: 100% polyester Spot clean.

Vintage Leather Duffle Bag

Leather duffle bag
100% Genuine Leather | $69.99

The Attention Grabber $$$$

Louis Vuitton Nigo LV2 Collection Keepall 50 Bandouliere

$4,790.00 on Amazon

The Keepall Bandoulière 50 gets a makeover as part of the unique collaboration between Virgil Abloh and cult Japanese designer Nigo. Made from Giant Damier Ebene canvas with natural leather trim, it is topped with a version of Nigo’s emblematic dripping ice cream motif. Light and supple, the Keepall can easily fit a week's wardrobe.

All products featured on Men Objects are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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