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The Electric Trends for city men

What if these New Electric Toys Could Improve the Life of Urban Commuters!

What you thought you’d never have to drive again is back to haunt you. Old scooters have gotten a facelift and an even more robust engine. You’ve seen them glide past you with their signature electric hum, and if not, you’ll see them soon enough. There is a mix of revamped 1-2 wheels urban mode of transport and new emerging gadgets such as the Unicycle, electric skateboard, self-balancing E-scooters, E-bikes, E-Monowheels which are turning heads, and for a good reason, the improvements made on the older models have moved them from risky tech novelty to cool & efficient green travel forms of transport.

City residents are opting for more straightforward ways of going to and from their favorite places. The need for energy-efficient transportation has heralded Electric devices all over North America, Europe and Asia. Several futuristic e-scooter models and e-bike designs have racked up startling reviews and satisfied customers from millennials to boomers. The high-performance e-bikes match the style and performance synonymous with the modern man. They offer a ton of safety features and reliable battery life housed in a lightweight and strong chassis from a custom 3D carbon fiber design. E-bikes are an amalgam of the best elements of traveling by car, foot, and bike.

  • Razor E300 electric scooter: $377 on Amazon

  • Segway Smart eScooter: $380 on Amazon

  • RazorX Electric Skateboard with remote: $244.44 on Amazon

Today, these minimalist vehicles are increasingly popular as they reduce reliance on public transport and private cars. Micro mobility and demand for single-occupant vehicles have resonated with men in urban centers. The new models are exceptionally famous because of their electric engines that align with the green energy and eco-friendly brigades. The adoption of the e-scooter trend serves a significant benefit to urban men. Their designs are practical for the city; they are powered by electrical motors that provide a clean, easy way of maneuvering around the city from the gentleman’s club around the corner to the barbershop you pledged loyalty to. Minimalist electric vehicles feature compact designs with improved steering while flaunting the latest technology that might leave you rethinking the million-dollar Rolls Royce. The included options for customizable features and diverse power trains leave even the pickiest of men spoilt for choice.

Dolly Foldable Lightweight Adult Electric Scooter

  • Not a toy — aircraft aluminum frame is designed for daily use by commuters and other adults.

  • Powerful 250 watt (600 watt peak) DC hub motor with electronic antilock maintenance-free brake plus a rear fender press brake

  • $429.99 on Amazon

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