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Top Gift Sets for Your Hairy Beard Man

Whether you are looking for yourself or have a man in your life that wears a beard, We have handpicked some of the best bearding brands in order to get you everything you need in order to keep your facial hair soft and healthy. These kits will make their facial hair look great and smell good. Plus, they'll feel like royalty!

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Beards are not easy; they require some TLC in order to look their best. That is why any aspiring bearded gentleman needs to know what he's doing when taking care of his face fur if he doesn’t want it to get scratchy or prickly – we call this bearding-ruff (and no one wants that). Beard washes and balms exist as an extra way to keep your facial hair clean underneath while also softening those hardened hairs on top, which will eliminate common growing pains like itchiness.


Heated Razor Starter Kit + Charging Travel Case

$250.00 | Read more

Shaving should be a relaxing experience. That's why Gillette created the most advanced razor ever, to give you professional-level shave quality every day in your own home. The soothing barbershop warmth will bring an even more lifelike touch to each stroke of this razor and enhance glide for extra comfort during those long months without whiskers on your face.

Beard Prep Grooming Kit

$40.00 | Read more

This facial hair grooming kit is a must-have for your beard, so you're always looking good. This 3 step care routine features everything needed to clean, condition and style your beard.

Total Beard Care Kit for Men

$120.00 | Read more

This TOTAL BEARD CARE KIT FOR MEN is perfect for taking care of your manly facial hair. With this kit, you can shave with the best gear and clean up those whiskers like a pro!

Facial Hair Maintenance Set

$100.00 | Read more

Trim, wash, condition, and maintain… everything the bearded man will need in one set.

Beard and Stubble Kit

$55.00 | Read more

Wash, condition, and soften your facial hair with this trio set.

Billy jealousy Beard Kit

$25.00 | Read more

Do-it-all, thee-piece beard kit features a wash, styling/conditioning treatment and brush to keep facial foliage in perfect order.

Size: Two 3 oz. Bottles & Brush

Key Ingredients: Aloe Leaf Juice, Jojoba & Soy Protein

To Use: Apply wash to wet beard. Lather and rinse. Brush out any tangles. Work a small amount of conditioner into palms and rub hands together. Apply into beard, styling and smoothing as desired.

The Ultimate Beard Maintenance Starter Kit

$40.00 | Read more

A starter beard kit contains the basics a man needs to keep his top-notch beard clean, soft and looking its best. The perfect way to get all you need for controlling that wild hair in one spot with some serious savings!