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How to Increase The Odds In Your Favor When Proposing

Getting engaged is a serious business and if you want to avoid a "I'll think about it" answer, you better man-up your game.

So you’ve decided to finally propose to your partner, but there’s still that hint of nervousness about their answer. Surely there are ways to boost your chances of receiving a yes when you put forward the question?

One of the most common methods is to treat it like a school science project. Study her with interviews from her parents, other close relatives, friends and co-workers to get to know her as much as possible. This should build your level of confidence as it should eliminate any

doubts you may have had regarding any aspect of her personality before proposing.

On the other hand, you will find the other school of thought who will argue the case that too much planning and investigating could kill the very spirit of romance. The more people you involve and interview, the more pressure builds on you. You don’t want a conspiracy ring around you that is just waiting for the question. Instead, just get the most beautiful rock on this finger and let magic do the rest, that should be enough to seal the deal.

Common sense would have it that chemistry is everything in a relationship. If you don’t have enough confidence in yourself, the size of your engagement ring can’t make up the difference. It might impress all the others you’ve interviewed on your way to proposing, but it won’t hold their heart.

Should I Propose Alone or In Front of People

This can be answered with your level of knowledge of your partner, of your confidence, the number of years you've been together, if you have discussed this prior or if it's just a spur-of- the-moment move. If you are over confident about your move, you can go for the big publicly broadcasted move in front a baseball stadium filled with fans, but if you're not that confident and knowledgeable and educated about your move just yet, maybe it's better that you propose in private and take your time. Her answer might not be a firm yes just yet, but she might explain that your timing is the only thing off right now. Another 6 months and you will be welcome to try again.

Do I Really Have To Get Down On One Knee

The short answer is no. Whatever move you choose is just a formality. However, the words coming out of your mouth will be decisive and all that truly matter. You should simply consider if she/he is a more traditional and conservative kind of person that would expect you to get down on your knee and respect the values of your partner. If your partner is more liberal, adventurous and free spirit, then don't and surprise them instead with a different setting like an exotic weekend destination, a wild adventure with a surprise question awaiting at end of your expedition, etc.

Don't Make Any Assumption

The solution to all of this is relatively straightforward. You’ve got to test the solidity of the relationship through a series of dates, social events and hangouts with friends. Additional one-on-one romantic evenings, tests of the sexual chemistry and discussions about the future (be it kids, money, living arrangements, shared responsibilities, etc.) are all core elements of a good relationship. You may discover he/she is awkward when placed in a social/business function when this will be an important aspect of your career or that he/she was trying real hard to be nice with your friends when in reality he/she prefers to live on the outskirt of any social circle, in isolation. It doesn't have to be a perfect match in every aspect of your lives. You are entitled to each have your own "my time with the boys or with my co-workers". So If everyone is on the same side of these core elements, then you should, by all means, feel comfortable pulling out the ring. However, too many disagreements and you probably have a different answer.

If you marry a complete stranger, you could get lucky and have the love of your life. On the flip side, you might also have some unpleasant surprises waiting for you when you get back from your honeymoon.

By following the suggestions that we have just made, your chances of a successful proposal and marriage will go up exponentially. Now it is up to you to take such steps and try to make everything work. Good luck!

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