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Best Grooming & Personal Care Sets for Men

Choosing the right grooming and personal care set for men is a challenge. There are so many grooming products available, but most of them don’t work well or do not live up to their claims.

The problem with many of today's grooming products is that they are mass-produced in factories that use low-grade materials . This means cheaper prices at first, but often lower quality too!

Our range of selected products comes from sometimes small producers who take pride in their workmanship - because they know it matters to you! We've found some fantastic brands like Fireman, Mountaineer, Brickell, Skull Shaver & more so you can get exactly what you're looking for.

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Bodygroom Products for Men

Philips Norelco Bodygroom 7000

$69.95 | Buy now

This very popular ergonomic, 4-directional, skin-friendly, waterproof body shaver/trimmer is highly recommended for the modern man who needs a simple and integrated tool for all the body trimming that needs to be done frequently anywhere we are.

Conveniently shave and trim below the neck. Easily switch between shaving and trimming, and adjust trim lengths without changing attachments. Designed as a safe and comfortable grooming solution for back, shoulders, chest, abs, underarms, arms, groin area and legs.

Pros: Easy to use & overall great shaver

Cons: Not completely foolproof as it might nick you without drawing blood. Takes more space than expected in the bathroom drawer.

Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold Pro

$89.99 | Buy now

The reinvented and unique design of Pitbull Silver PRO men’s shaver with the use of best in class materials offers unconventional comfort during shaving. Pitbull Silver PRO is equipped with our signature patented innovative ergonomic handle which offers easy grip and perfectly fits your hand to ensure comfortable and intuitive shaving of your head and face.

Pros: Great, quick shave with no nicks. Absolute best for bald guys

Cons: Currently, the cost of replacement heads is between $25-35.

Hair & Moustache Grooming for Men

Mustache Wax for beard & moustache

$8.88 | Buy now

All natural Ingredients make this a great addition to all you other grooming products. It smells great - Comes in two of most popular scents, Sandalwood and Citrus. It has a long lasting hold - Strong hold without being sticky or tacky, lasts throughout the day.

Mustache Wax by Mountaineer

$10.95 | Buy now

This super strong formulation is made for an extreme amount of grooming control! In the tin, the wax naturally is very hard to touch - before use, we recommend softening the tin in warm water, in your pants pocket, or for a brief time under a hair dryer.

Pros: This wax goes on easily, doesn't irritate my skin and has a nice pine smell!

Cons: It idoesn't hold as much as you would expect, especially in humid weather.

Firehouse Moustache Wax

$18.99 | Buy now

Comes in 3 shades of Light brown light blond and dark. This mustache wax is made to withstand extreme heat, humidity, wind and any other weather condition. Easy application with no need to reapply. NATURAL SCENT & COLOR - There are no dyes or fragrances in the stache wax. Both color and scent come naturally from the waxes used. A must-have for your mustache & beard care!

Pros: Overall works pretty well, by far the longest lasting hold has been achieved by Firehouse: Wacky Tacky.

Cons: Rather thick stuff, the smell is fairly heavy and will make you feel as if you are in the Oregon back woods.

Jack Black Beard Lube Conditioning Shave

$19.00 | Buy now

What it does: Unlike sticky waxes, Intense Therapy Lip Balm quickly penetrates for instant relief. SPF 25 offers optimum sun protection while guarding against windburn and extreme temperatures. It's formulated with petrolatum, which is an FDA-approved skin protecting and highly effective moisturizing aging that forms a protective barrier to prevent water loss and help repair chapped, damaged skin.