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The Very Best of High Accuracy Quartz Watches

There is a reason why quartz watches are the most popular type of watch on the market. They offer amazing accuracy (some can be off by less than one second per year), they are incredibly inexpensive, and they never need winding. In fact, if you want to buy the very best of high accuracy quartz watches today, we've narrowed down a few models that stand out from all others.

The majority of quartz watches, regardless of their price, maintain monthly nearly a 15 seconds time accuracy. For most of us, it’s fine but for a few enthusiasts, they demand far greater levels of accuracy. And if you've worked hard for your money, why not?

Welcome to the world of high accuracy quartz (HAQ) or high-end quartz, generally categorized as watches that are specified to plus or minus 10 seconds a year. These watches maintain a stable rate in spite of climate changes. Japanese makers are predominantly making a lot of them but the Swiss have unveiled a few stylish models of their own while precision remains the primary objective for them as well.

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The 3 Primary Movements

Quartz Movement

It gets its power from a battery, with no upkeep, except for the battery (every 2-3 years). These are cheaper than automatic watches because their movements are less labor-intensive to make.

Automatic Movement

This one uses a self-winding movement. It uses energy's wrist. No wining the crown and practical for everyday use. Every time the watch moves, a rotor within the caliber spins

and automatically winds the mainspring.

Mechanical Movement

You must manually wind the crown to send power to the rotor. By doing so, you become the source of energy required for these watches to function.

Is Quartz Movement Watches Good?

Yes, they are and very accurate and convenient. Aside from a few battery changes every 2-3 years, a quartz watch will continue to run without the need to wear it or wind it like with the automatic movement or the mechanical which will need to be winded. Both Japanese and Swiss make great and highly accurate quartz movement watches and we will showcase some reliable models below by different budgets. But no need to spend that much as there are great watches starting at $99 and up to $1,000. Some of the best quartz movements in the luxury segment are made by Breitling, TAG Heuer, Omega, and Cartier. But you can find great watches for less among brands such as Tissot, Victorinox, Invicta, Seiko, Citizen, and yes, even Timex.

Is Quartz Movement Automatic?

While a quartz movement gets its power from a battery, an automatic mechanical movement uses energy from the motion of a wearer's wrist. Every time the watch moves, a rotor within the caliber spins and automatically winds the mainspring. The quartz movement has literally flooded the world market because of its reliability, accuracy, affordability, and convenience.

Can Quartz Movement Be Replaced?

Yes, it can be replaced. Quartz can be replaced by another quartz or even an inexpensive generic or factory direct movement. You may lose some of the features if it was an expensive watch with day/date, calendar, or a chronograph that showed the seconds, year, moon phase, or stopwatch.

What Quartz Movement does Tag, Victorinox, Timex, Seiko, Citizen Uses?

Tag Heuer does use quartz movements powered by a battery manufactured in Switzerland. They will last you several years and are pretty accurate. Victorinox, a renowned knife manufacturer of Swiss Army knives, also sells watches that use a Swissquartz/battery movement (Ronda or ETA movements).

Timex partnered in 2017 with SilMach, a French pioneer in Micro-Electro-Mechanical-Systems (MEMS) to create the first MEMS-powered watch movement. Timex is also known for its affordable quartz and smartwatches.

Seiko holds the merits of having one of the most HAQ watches with its model Grand Seiko with its 9F quartz movement that utilizes a cam and lever in conjunction with the date indicator driving wheel as part of a feature known as the constant Date Change Mechanism.

Citizen has an amazing collection of High Accuracy Quartz (HAQ), the Eco-Drive, which has a revolutionary concept: a watch that never needs a battery.

From Top Left:

  1. Timex Expedition Field Strap Men's Chronograph: From $55.00 Buy here

  2. Seiko Stainless Steel Japanese Quartz Leather Calfskin Strap: $185.00 Buy here

  3. Certina Men's Watches DS Cascadeur: $249.98 Buy here

  4. Citizen Watches Men's CA0648-09L Eco-Drive: From $190.00 Buy here

  5. Victorinox FieldForce Sport GMT Gun Metal, Orange Rubber Strap: $410 Buy here

  6. Victorinox Swiss Army Night Vision Watch: From $131 to $320 Buy here

  7. Victorinox Swiss Army Men's Fieldforce Sport Chrono: $345 Buy here

  8. Certina DS-2 Chrono Black Dial Men's Watch: $329.99 Buy here

Some of the Best Quartz & Automatic Movements Under $1,000.00

  1. Victorinox Fieldforce Sports Chrono Black Dial Black Rubber Strap: $362 Buy here

  2. TAG Heuer Aquaracer Stainless Stee, Black Rubber Band: $980.00 Buy here

  3. Tissot T-Race Two-Tone Stainless Steel with Red Rubber Band: From $440 Buy here

  4. Citizen Promaster Navihawk Eco-Drive Movement Black Dial: $425.00 Buy here

  5. Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Aqualand Depth Meter Analog Display: $700.00 Buy here

  6. Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Altichron Black Polyurethane Strap: $344.00 Buy here

  7. FEICE Automatic Wrist Watch, Sapphire Crystal, Waterproof: $599.00 Buy here

  8. Alpina Startimer Pilot Automatic Wrist Watch: $839.95 Buy here

  9. LIV Swiss Watches GX1 Swiss Analog Display Chronograph, Stainless Steel with Date Calendar; 1000 feet Waterproof - Venom Yellow: $490.00 Buy here

  10. Salvatore Ferragamo Men's F-80 Stainless Steel Swiss-Quartz Watch with Leather Calfskin Strap, Blue: $698 Buy here

What is the most accurate quartz movement?

The Citizen Chronomaster is shown below in the video, nicknamed simply “The Citizen,” is a serious candidate for high accuracy watches. Very classy, perhaps not the most strikingly beautiful, it has an A660 movement claiming a rating of plus or minus five seconds a year. It features a 37mm case width, a coated titanium case, and bracelet, an independently adjustable hour hand, and a perpetual calendar (good until 2100). It’s a Japan-only model, which can be ordered from Higuchi Inc. It retails for around $2,300 and is what HAQ fans dream of feature-wise.

Other High Accuracy Quartz (HAQ) movements worth mentioning are the notorious "Grand Seiko" collection, the Citizen Echo-Drive,

What is the most expensive quartz movement watch?

The Rolex Oysterquartz collection is made of a high-quality quartz movement that receives the same attention to detail as its mechanical counterparts. The Grand Seiko Heritage Collection which we already introduced in this review has an impeccable touch and attention to accuracy. Audemars Piquet is a century-old creator of horological masterpieces and they also have a very high-end Royal Oak Quartz collection starting at around $16,450 USD.

Some High Accuracy Quartz Movement Watches Over $1,000

  1. Grand Seiko White Snowflake Dial Spring Drive, Titanium: $5,700 Buy here

  2. Cartier Santos Dumont Large Model Stainless Steel Quartz: $3,820.00 Buy here

  3. Breitling Exospace B55: $6,075.000 Buy here

  4. IWC Big Pilots Watch Limited Edition"Le Petit Prince": $28,900 Buy here

  5. Omega Speedmaster '57 Co-Axial Chronograph: $8,992.00 Buy here

  6. Cartier Calibre De Diver WSCA0006: $6,645.00 Buy here

  7. Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Men's Watch: $2,900.00 Buy here

  8. Hublot Big Bang Factory Diamond Pave: $14,800.00 Buy here

Accessories to keep your watch selection safe

Boxes, accessories, and documentation are something worthwhile keeping someplace safe should you decide to resell your watch one day (they have a significant value for any buyer).

  1. 6 Slot Leather Watch Box Display Case Organizer Glass à: $19.88 Buy here

  2. 12 Men's Watch Organizer Jewelry Display Case with Lock and Keys: 34.99 Buy here

  3. Watch Box Display Case & Organizer | 12 Watch Slots & Valet Drawer for Sunglasses, Rings, PhoneWatch Box Display: $79.99 Buy here

  4. Wooden Watch Box for Men Watch Jewelry Box Organizer with Valet Drawer,12 Slot Watch Display Case Holder Large Watch, Men Accessories Organizer with Real Glass Window Top: $139.90 Buy here

All products featured on Men Objects are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.