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Learn how to detect gold diggers before it's too late!

You want to find a woman who is not just beautiful, but also has substance and character. But how do you know if she’s really in it for the long haul or whether she will use you?

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Gold digging can happen to anyone!

Gold-digging women are not all bad people. They can make great wives or girlfriends if they find a man with enough resources to satisfy their needs (i.e., expensive gifts, luxury vacations, etc.). A gold digger could be anyone – your best friend, sister, colleague, or even mother.

15 Signs You Are Dealing With A Gold Digger

To avoid getting into an abusive relationship that will only lead to heartbreak and financial ruin, we developed this guide of 15 signs she is a gold digger so that men like yourself can spot her before it’s too late!

Spoiler Alert!

1. Look at her previous relationships where she dated rich guys and find out how it ended. Look them up on LinkedIn;

Her Fake Friends

2. One should pay close attention to her friends and see what they are like. Paying attention to clues that show how materialistic these women might be is also advised when trying to figure out if she has ulterior motives in her relationships with men;

Her Consuming Habits

3. Beware of a girl who always prefers going out to fancy places and who always needs to be dressed up and wears tons of makeup instead of taying in for a home-cooked meal;

Test Her Level of Attraction to You

4. Is she more interested in spending time with you or is she usually surrounded by friends and other people to avoid spending too much romantic time with you. Challenge her or try to catch her off guard by simply asking her what she finds attractive about you. Is it your looks, any personality trait, or rather your possessions and the status that comes with it? Notice how she introduces you to her friends: "David is a surgeon at General Hospital..."

The Way She Speaks

5. The way a woman speaks can be the telltale sign of whether she's interested in you for your money. If her interest seems to dwindle when there are more people around and increase as soon as it is just you two, then this could be an indication that she might not have genuine feelings for you at all but instead sees dollar signs!

Is She Fishing & Profiling You?

6. While you are still dating, she is asking a lot of questions about what you do, your position, your responsibilities, if you travel a lot, what kind of car you drive or she is fishing for juicy details about your income, the price you sold your last business, your house value, your watches, clothes and she is almost profiling you instead of showing real interest in you as soulmate;

Her Superficiality Factor

7. Everyone she knows, everything she loves is all about brands, famous names, and high-end $$$ - "My friend Susan just received a Cartier watch for her birthday", " My friend Tom is running a successful business in over 125 countries with sales over $500M"...;

You’re Being Targeted

8. She's coming on to you first after seeing your expensive suit or after seeing you valet your Porsche 911 at the door of the restaurant or noticed the designer name that is printed across your silky fitted shirt—or maybe she couldn't take her eyes off the very guccy watch you are wearing;

Her Expensive Lifestyle is Ruining You

9. She is costing you a lot more than you are accustomed to and she treats you so well after she is receiving these gifts. And you love the attention you get and the sex is great all over sudden when is happy;

She’s Into National Enquirer Gossip

10. You notice that she is really into gossip news like anything you've ever seen before. She feist on the likes of Kardashian’s lifestyles with all the fame, glamorous and luxurious lifestyle that comes with it;

What a Princess!

11. She expects to be treated like a princess with everything that it involves in terms of perks instead of making a significant contribution to the relationship and trying to adjust to you and your friends and relatives to make you happy as well;

Where’s Your Wallet?

12. You never see her reach for her wallet nor make any offer to pay because she always assumes that just because you can afford it, it's yours to pay. Even if it's the smallest gesture like coffee, an evening at the movies, or a candle-light home-cook meal she prepared after trying out one of your favorite recipes;

Consumer Behavior Alerts

13. She starts asking for small sums of money just to cover some of her basic expenses, even though she already has a job and should be accustomed to her means of living by now instead of spending on lavishing objects she can’t afford;

Deep-Sea Fishing Shallow

14. Your date is a real lightweight: She's got nothing going on in her head or heart, and she'll never have any substance - Let's face it, if she is doing volunteer work, you don't have to worry about anything, but if she keeps talking about what she loves to eat, drink, wear, buy, beauty salons, etc then it's smells fishy;


15. Your date is combative: she means business and wants what's best for her. She'll stop at nothing to get it, even if that involves a little manipulation every now and then! - "It has nothing to do with being materialistic, this is something you promised me and that I care about, so why can't you keep your word, or just don't go around making promises then..."


What men can do when they're dating someone who is only in it for their money:


Become a minimalist and go back to basics until she leaves;

Reducing Credit Limit

A ceiling on her credit card should stop the reckless overspending;

Cut Down on Vacations

Cut down or skip vacations altogether and expensive weekend getaways. Switch to business trips instead, without her so she can stay home with the kids!;

No More Perks!

Gradually eliminate every single perk that she enjoys letting you pay like the private club membership, the 2nd car, and all of those other things. Why not sublet the country home until she faith away into the sunset;

Live like a Monk

No more house lavishing parties, only quiet pizza/BBQ with the relatives, a few friends or the in-laws...;

Let's Go Dutch!

Go Cheap on her: take her out for only coffee, start asking her to split for the dinner so she won't keep asking to go to expensive restaurants, start using coupons in front of her to embarrass her, skip the cocktail to save on the bill, pretend you already ate and are not hungry to go out, take her to freebie nights or worse, forget your wallet, LOL.

There are many ways to deal with gold diggers, but all these suggestions should serve as effective chillers that will start the process.

So, are you sure that your partner is looking for love or money? If so, it’s time to take a closer look at their behavior and listen carefully. You will soon be able to tell whether they are just playing games with you because of the way they act around people who can help them financially. It may also seem like there is an ulterior motive behind all of those gifts that keep coming from out of nowhere. Listen closely when someone says how much they care about you; if what comes after isn't "and I want us both to have everything we deserve in life", then run! Do your due diligence while still dating, pay attention to behavior, and listen attentively.


Can a Gold Digger Fall in Love?

You might be surprised to know that a woman can find love through social climbing! Yes, it's true. Social climbers are more likely than other women to put their husband’s wealth and status ahead of all else in choosing someone for marriage. However, this does not mean that the lady doesn't feel emotionally invested or attracted physically (in fact she may have even stronger feelings).

A female who chooses her spouse based on his net worth is known as a "social climber." Research suggests such marriages tend to last longer because financial worries don't interfere with relationship harmony like they do when couples rely on emotional intimacy alone. - The Marry Money Mindset

Can you sue a gold digger?

If you feel that your father is being the victim of a gold digger, unless you are your father's guardian, you do not have the power to sue the woman he is dating. You can, of course, advise your dad to explore his options with an attorney. Your father may have a claim against her depending on what the circumstances were of the payments and items which were given to her. But it is hard to claim what amounts to "gifts" as it is not a basis to seek the return of those gifts. - AVVO

"Common law recognizes a remedy called "unjust enrichment." Under this law, a person is "enriched" if he or she has received a "benefit," and he or she is "unjustly enriched" if the "retention of the benefit would be unjust." (Restatement (First) of Restitution § 1 cmt. a (1937)) Usually the "measure of restitution is the amount of enrichment received," except for in special cases, and only if the "loss suffered" by the donor "differs from the amount of benefit received." - Ruth Lee Johnson J.D. Psychology Today

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