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How to Pick the Right Men's Sandals

Is it possible to be cool, comfortable and fashionable? The answer is yes! There are those who aim to be just cool and comfortable, not caring about fashion. There are those more concerned with the look of their footwear but what if we could achieve both?

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If you're looking for a pair of sandals that will work well at the beach, on your hike, or just lounging around in style - we showcase them all! We discuss men's regular flip flops and water shoes/sandals (for those who want to look good while exploring), as well as some with extra support for walking. If you need something dressy but still comfortable enough to walk in errands by foot then the leather slides are perfect. And don't forget about the popular Birkenstock styles which boast plenty of color choices and vegan options too!

How far back do sandals go?

Sandals dates as far back as the Esparto sandals from the 6th or 5th millennium BC found in Spain, the ancient Egyptians sandals made of palm tree-leaves and the ancient Greece sandals which featured a multitude of straps with which they securely fastened to the foot. The top of the sandals were usually of colored leather. The soles were made of cattle skin, of even better quality and made up of several layers. In Ancient Rome residents used to carve their boots and sandals with elaborate designs. - Wikipedia

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What are the different types of sandals?

Adidas Adilette Clog
  • Clogs have been around since ancient times and were originally made from wood. They're popular all over the world today as well, with people using a variety of materials to construct their own clog shoes | $53 on Amazon

Dexter Tucson
  • Fisherman sandal are the type of T-bar shoes. They have a strap on top to keep them in place, while there's also straps around each toe | $16 on Amazon

Havaianas Brazil Flip-flops
  • Flip-flop's are the basic essential for every day use. The versatility of these shoes is what's behind their popularity! Whether you're looking for a casual slide, or something to strap on before your next water-sport outing, flip-flops are the perfect fit | $22.20 on Amazon

Newport Jerry Garcia
  • Hiking & Trekking sandals are part of the active sub-category. They usually have a rubber outsole meant to handle tough terrain, as well as EVA foam insoles which provide comfort on any surface you're walking on. They can also come with features like quick-drying technical fabric uppers and an anti-microbial lining made of nylon mesh designed reduce odor transmission from inside the shoe to outside it's being worn by putting off bacteria growth while still allowing air flow so their foot stays cool and dry!

Deluxe Gladiator
  • The Roman sandals is a type of stocking that can be worn on the foot. It ties to your feet with buckles and straps, which makes it easy for you during this hot summer season. They are often used in formal settings, costume parties or when going on vacation because they're so comfortable! $22.44 on Amazon

Teva Hurricane

  • Saltwater sandals are a flat style of footwear that was developed in the 1940s as an alternative to leather caused by wartime shortages. These shoes are often worn by children because they do not need them for support and have more flexibility than other types of shoe on their feet | $65 on Amazon

IZOD Memory Foam

  • Memory Foam sandals footbed provides deep cushioning for full foot comfort | $22.99 on Amazon

Reef Twinpin

  • Leather sandals can be made of 100% leather with durable rubber sole and textile upper. They tend to be more dressy and those can be wore to the office or to a more formal event | $17-$55 on Amazon

  • Heeled sandals are an open-toed shoe with a heel. They allow the wearer to have more of a dressy, formal appearance without sacrificing comfort and style! $119.99 on Amazon

  • Slide Sandals can be made of a rubber, leather or synthetic upper, dressy or sporty, they are designed as slip-on sandals with an open toe concept | $89.95 at Zappos

Sorel Roaming Decon Slides

What kind of Men Sandals are in style in 2021?

Active Sandals

Active sandals should be made a little tougher in order to handle the extra resistance that might come from those pesky rocks on your path, or anything else that may need it more than your average flip flop can provide!

1. Adidas Duramo SL, $50 on Zappos | 2. Nike Owaysis, $99.95 on Amazon | 3. Hoka One One Hopara, $119.95 on Zappos | 4. KEEN Solr, $109.95 on Zappos | 5. ECCO Sport Yucatan, $100.99 on Zappos | 6. Shimano SD5 Cycling, $125 on Zappos

Men's Designer Sandals

Designer sandals are among the most popular for a couple of reasons. First, it's one way to express your own style when you're not sure what is currently trendy or going out of fashion. Second, designer sandals will always make any outfit look more polished and put-together - even if all else fails!

1.BOSS Hugo Boss Italian-Made Logo Bear Print, $78 on Zappos | 2. AllSaints Sunland, $98 on Zappos | 3. CK Avyn, $49 on Zappos | 4. NIKE Offcourt Slides, from $47+ on Amazon

Dressy Slide Sandals

Dressy sandals for men are just another essential footwear accessory we can add to go to work or to any outdoor official event when you want to do better than just wear the same regular flip-flops.

1. Bruno Magli Empoli, $225 | 2. The Ebony Suede by Fisherman Sandal, $590 | 3. Born Flores, $90 | 4. Massimo Matteo Adriana Leather Slide, $105

Coolest 2021 Flip Flops

Flip-flops remain a highly popular style because you can wear them all day at home, in the car, shopping, on date, etc. They are perfect for any informal event.

1. Reef Fanning, $59.95 on Zappos | 2. BOSS Hugo Boss Onfire by HUGO, $45 on Zappos | 3. Olukai Hokua, $74.96 on Zappos | 4. Reef Rover, $42.99 on Amazon | 5. Surfer Toe-Thong, $69.95 on Zappos | 6. Johnston & Murphy Norris Thong, $79 on Zappos

Best Recovery Sandals for your feet

Recovery sandals are becoming a new post-exercise sub-category that we're happy to see making it's appearance and they enable us to massage our feet while remaining comfortable. They are the perfect choice for when your tired feet just need a break.

OOFOS, $59.95 on Amazon | Skechers Hyper Post, $45.55 on Amazon | ORA Recovery by HOKA, $50 on HOKA | OOFOS OOahh Sport $59.95 on Zappos

Sexy Sandals

Sexy sandals are not for everyone, as they require a little dose of confidence and an open mind. Some would say that these sandals have sex appeal but the truth is you can’t wear them if they don't suit your personality or lifestyle.

1. DaVinci 9111 Italian Designer, $199 on Amazon | 2. Fiorangelo 6709 Italian Designer, $195 on Amazon | 3. Jack Rogers Slotted Sloane X-Band, $97.95 on Zappos | 5. Seychelles Total Relaxation, $78.95 on Zappos | Loriblu 2322Italian Designer, $155 on Amazon | 6. Kenneth Cole Monaco, $133 on Amazon

Lacoste Slides + Nike Slides + Adidas Slides

A number of brands are more popular than others. Some may argue that this is where the fat marketing cash comes into play; being able to promote your brand with some famous athletes on earth undoubtedly helps as well in promotion these. In any case, we love them all and can't get enough of them!

1. Polo Ralph Lauren Cayson Polo $60 on Zappos | 2. Lacoste Croco Slide $40 on Zappos | 3. Lacoste Croco Slide 119 1 $39.95 on Zappos | 4. Under Armour UA Ignite VI $34.95 on Zappos | 5. NIKE Air Max Camden $ 109.95 on Amazon | 6. NIKE Benassi Just Do It, $85 on Amazon | 7. NIKE Benassi Solarsoft, $71 on Amazon | 8. Adidas Adilette Comfort $60+ on Amazon

Ugly Fashion is big business that sells: Comfortable Sandal doesn't mean elegant!

The Unpolished Birkenstock Sandal Phenomenon!?

This long lasting sandal is worth mentioning since it remains a very popular model among the very casual and free spirit clientele. This is certainly not the one we will refer to as stylish nor elegant by no means but rather as the sandal that carries a story since its owners tend to keep them for years. It does provides a rather comfortable fit with its with it's ergonomic sole, which is good for the flat footers who needs a good arch support and is very lasting.

The Careless Style Crocs sandals

You're right, Crocs are ugly! But they're so comfortable! That's the whole point, that's their charm. This Colorado based company has amassed a considerable amount of careless fashion followers. The shoe was originally developed as a boating shoe. The first model produced by Crocs, the Beach, was unveiled in 2001 at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show in Florida, and sold out the 200 pairs produced at that time. It has since sold 300 million pairs of shoes. -Wikipedia

Which of men 's leather sandals are the most durable and will last longer?

The more resistant sandals are as you would have guest not the most beautiful ones but they are built to last. These are often found among the active collection of sports sandals such as the Bedrock Cairn Adventure, the ECCO Yacatan, the Teva Hurricane and the inelegant Birkenstock. They come with non-slip rubber sole, a minimalist design, a superior ground feel and traction and some will have strong polyester/nylon webbing upper.

What do we think of men wearing socks with sandals?

It is generally seen as a fashion faux-pas. Sandals are worn to expose your feet in order to let them breathe, mainly in hot weather. Clothing is supposed to be worn for functionality so by wearing socks with sandals, the sandals are pretty much pointless at this point so might as well just wear shoes. although as of late, there has been a nice trend of wearing sports branded socks with either a brand name or a written slogan on the socks with a sports Adidas, Nike or other brand which looks good.

Some of the best memories are made in Flip flops!

In conclusion, always say that when you're going to work, it's best to have several pairs of shoes in different colors and styles. You don't want to be stuck with one pair for every occasion! So why not try having a few sandals or flip-flops? It'll be a lot less stressful if they all match your outfit, but the great thing is feeling free enough from worrying about matching everything up perfectly so that you can just go ahead and express yourself through what shoe style catches your eye on any given day.

There are some days where I'm drawn towards something more subtle like white leather flats but then there will also come times where bright neon blue slip-ons really speak out my personality better than anything else could.

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All products featured on Men Objects are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.