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What Are You Hiding In Your Jewelry Box?

"You Can Learn A Lot About A Man If He Opens Up His Jewelry Box..." - Robert Downey Jr.

What are the secrets of a man's jewelry box. What do they hide. You can tell a lot about a man just by looking inside his jewelry box. Watch boxes often act as treasure chests for men, and watches provide them with their sense of self-worth like no other accessory can. We all have our own little vices, and men are no exception. A man's jewelry box is a treasure trove of secrets. Watches provide men with a sense of self-esteem like no other accessory. From the price tag to the material, you can tell a lot about what kind of person he is just by looking at his watch collection!

All products featured on Men Objects are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Long are the days when men were simply using an old DIY container like the good old Adidas shoe box to stash all of their personal belongings. There are plenty or trendier jewelry box, stylish cabinets and watch box that are not just meant to keep valuable jewelry but male's stuff that we like to wear often from watch to rings, hemp, car keys, men's accessories, small change, cuff links, necklace, money-clip, condoms, etc. In fact, you can tell a lot about a man by going through his jewelry box. It can reveal a quick portrait of what they cherish.

Why Would Men Need A Stash Box?

The urban male need them for stashing basic men accessories we use almost daily and for which we want to be able to grab quickly. The hidden safe would be for something else more valuable but the male jewelry box need not to lock as we throw stuff in and out daily as we get up in the morning or return from work or head out for a date. See it as a modern valet urban men like to keep on their dresser/nightstand. While not an essential item in a man's wardrobe, we noticed it has become a stylish organizer that men like to exhibit and choose based on their personal taste/image. It can be a wooden jewelry box, it can be made of leather, plastic, bamboo or metal or it can be the result of a DIY weekend project.

Now, when we talk about a jewelry box for men, we often are talking about a watch box because men love their precious jewels too. Watches provide men with sense of self-esteem like no other accessory. They may keep the heritage of an old classic watch from their dad in there, a smartwatch for their workout, a lover's gift, an anniversary present, a corporate performance gift that bares a true connotation of professional achievement.

Men Jewelry Box

  1. Mantello Leather Desktop Storage Organizer, Multi Catchall Tray, Valet Tray: $15.99

  2. Wooden Stash Box with Rolling Tray - Black Stash Box - Large Wood Stash Box with Magnetic Scraper and Wood Rolling Tray: $42.95 Get here

  3. Blake & Lake Large Wooden Box with Hinged Lid - Wood Storage Box with Lid - Black Stash Box: $39.95

  4. Design by UnseenThailand Vintage Thai Teak Wood Box with Elephants 100% Handmade (Wooden Elephant): $10.80

  5. duke trays Valet Tray for Men, Nightstand Organizer, Entry Table Organizer: $37.99

  6. Glenor Co Watch Box for Men - 12 Slot Luxury Carbon Fiber: $39.99

Men are not as open or outgoing about their inner feelings as women. They tend to be reserved in that department. However, when it comes to watch box for men, they tend to freely express their sense of style. Growing up, men are often initiated to a first precious piece of jewelry when introduced by their father or grandfather’s watches. These family jewels come with an history and are easier to be remembered as they cary a sentimental value that is being passed-on through generations, particularly if the watch is a fine piece of jewelry like an old Omega, Rolex or Cartier watch. Later on in life, men will acquire and receive gifts from loved ones and keep accumulate watches. Acquiring more watches for different purposes becomes a habit we just can't seem to avoid.

Men Dress Watch Box

The dress watch box is meant for your those who appreciate the finer things in life such as high-end movement watches. The dress watch box is definitely going to make a statement. Elegance is a major component of their style statement. If you spot a luxury watch in your boyfriend’s bedroom, it means that he values the finer things in life. Luxury watches are different from all other types of watches. You commonly find in these watch boxes the likes of mechanical, automatic and high accuracy movement watches selling in the high thousands of dollars each. You might catch a glimpse of brands like Tag Heuer, Rolex, Patek Philippe, Cartier, Omega, Audemars Piguet or Sylverster Stallone long-time friend designer Richard Mille $$$.

  1. Laminated Makah Burlwood 24 Watch Collectors Box with Glass Top

  2. HOUNDSBAY Mariner Oversize Watch Box Display Case | Luxury Carbon Fiber Pattern Interior with 10 Wide Watch Slots: $125

  3. Nisorpa Wood Watch Box 20 Slots Glass Top Mens Watch Display Case: $85.99

Men Automatic Watch Winder

Here is a sample of single bamboo watch winder to multiple pieces with automatic quiet mechanism. Some people who like to wear their watches at all times may say that a watch winder is an easy way to keep them wound and running correctly. Others might argue that it's not worth how much they cost and you should just wind up your automatic watch every day when you put it on if you're going to be wearing it for more than a couple hours.

  1. CHIYODA Single Automatic Watch Winder with Quite Motor-Unique12 Rotation Modes: $73

  2. Inclake High End Watch Winder for 4 Watches with Soft Flexible Watch Pillows: $180.00

  3. WOLF Heritage Double Watch Winder with Cover and Storage: $650

  4. XYSQWZ Automatic Mechanical Watch Winder High-end 8 + 5 Case Storage Box Electric Motor Shaker/Silent Anti-Magnetic Design: $1,251

  5. Jins & Vico Watch Winder, Piano Finish with Adjustable [Upgraded] Watch Pillows, 8 Winding Spaces Watch: $550

  6. YLXD High-end Luxury Automatic Watch Winder Box: $868.99

  7. SX-ZZJ Watch Winders Watch Winder: $313

When a man opens up his jewelry box for you, it is a special moment that you should cherish. Since men tend to be more private, you can learn important details about them by going through the watches they own. It all comes down to the idea behind those watches that you need to consider.

Smell-Proof Stash Containers for Weed - Hemp Stash Box

The hemp stash box keeps another kind of treasure inside that you may care to keep in a good smell-proof environment. While there are many solutions you can employ to hide the smell from using baking soda, charcoal, tea, incense, etc., we find that a classy-made box like these is more suitable and elegant to keep your stash.

  1. Cali Factory Spend On Design - Grinder, Jar in Medium Size Sacred Geometry Stash Box with Latch Combo Gift Package: $38.50 Get here

  2. Sky High Dream 11 Piece Stash Box with Lock, Grinder, Airtight Jar: $39.99 Get here

  3. Sugar Skull Premium Stash Box Combo: $39.95 Get here

  4. LITT - Stash Box Ultimate Rolling Stash Smoking Accessory, Tobacco and Herbal Storage: $27.75 Get here

All products featured on Men Objects are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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