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Collecting memorabilia from your favorite celebrity is a great way to show off your passion for their work, but it can be hard to find and purchase items that are actually worth the money you spend on them.

Stylish Objects Associated with Celebrities or Memorable Events

Trends, like objects, come and go, but some become unexplainably idolized and become the envy of endless collectors around the world who can’t help to explain why they absolutely need to posses them! Some can speculate for example about the reminiscing of the Rat Pack era because of the fashions that defined the men who were fortunate enough to be part of it, others may embrace the rebellious but stylish look of James Dean or still want to impersonate the King of Rock and Roll.

It is not clear why anyone would burn $560,000 for some Nike Air Jordan 1 to buy the most expensive pair of sneakers sold at an auction or spend $56,000 for Michael Jackson's "Smooth Crimal" hat or worst, $9,900,500 to purchase "The Dukes of Hazzard" General Lee 1969 Charger sold on eBay in 2007. Whether one wishes to hold on to the past, feel like impersonating his idol, embody a legend for his powers, charisma & character, it is undeniably amazing how some rare objects become timeless and priceless to those collectors.

Some Iconic Hollywood Memorabilia's

Scarface is a classic crime drama film that tells the story of Cuban refugee Tony Montana who landed in Miami broke in the 80's and would go on to become a big time drug lord.

Al Pacino Scarface Signed 11x14 Metallic Photo Chair | $385.69 Buy now

Pacino Signed Scarface Display of "The World Is Yours" With Gun: $1,723.49 Buy now

1) Comes fully certified with Certificate of Authenticity and tamper-evident hologram. Also backed by Hollywood Memorabilia.com's Authenticity Guarantee. 2)This is an 8 x 10" photo that was hand signed in person by Al Pacino and comes certified authentic. This item also comes with a custom "Scarface" shadowbox display case

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James Bond Daniel Craig Signed Autograph

11"x14" PHOTO - James Bond 007 "No Time To Die": $522.89 - Buy now

Comes fully certified with Certificate of Authenticity and tamper-evident hologram. Also backed by Hollywood Memorabilia.com's Authenticity Guarantee.

Jordan Men's Air Jordan 11 Retro "Bred 2019"

Michael Jordan's first signature model was released in 1985, and is the Air Jordan model that sports a Nike Swoosh. The Air Jordan 1 violated the NBA's uniform policy, which led to Jordan being fined $5,000 a game, and became a topic of a popular Nike commercial. The Air Jordan 1 is still popular today, and has been released in more colorways than any other Air Jordan model.

New pair: $265 - $295.00 on Amazon

Sons Of Anarchy TV Show Memorabilias

  • Charlie Hunnam Autograph Biker Helmet Sons Of Anarchy Jax Teller Signed

| $663 Buy here

  • Sons Of Anarchy Full-Size Vintage Poster Deluxe Framed With 10 Cast Autographs

| $1,172.69 Buy here

  • Charlie Hunnam Signed 11x14 Jax Teller Leather Jacket Photo

| $198.99 Buy here

TAG Heuer Monaco Steve McQueen Special Edition Men's Watch

Be the kind of cool with this special edition

of TAG Heuer Monaco Gulf Steve McQueen. This beautiful timepiece is a blue dial with striking blue and orange stripes.

  • New watch: $4,994.31 available on Amazon

  • Autographed 8" x 10" Autograph on Amazon

Vintage Bulova Design "My Way"