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The Most Underrated Noticeable Bottom Accessory for Men - Socks!

Socks for men are often the most underrated but noticeable accessory for a man. Whether you're looking for a special pattern, colors, fabric, brand or even length there's always something to suit your needs. From fashionable appeal to more utilitarian needs that match up with any of our current need, it is possible to find, transform and adapt just what you need in any accoutrement. And if you think socks don't matter than take a look at these do's and don't when it comes to the basic rules of socks and slides!

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Fashion is what you buy. Style is what you do with it. - Nicky Hilton

The sexiest thing about a man wearing socks is that you know he's got them on but when he walks, it exposes his undies.

Suggested Sock Fabric Guide Depending on Each Use

Socks can be constructed from many types of materials including natural fibers like cotton, wool, angora, cashmere to synthetic acrylic, nylon, polyester coolmax, drymax, elastane/lycra/spandex.

  • Daily use: 100% Cotton, Cotton & Polyester blend, Bamboo, Polyester, Spandex

  • Jogging: Bamboo, Polyester

  • Sports: Bamboo, Polyester

  • Outdoor Activities: Wool, Bamboo, Polypropylene

  • Relaxing, Chilling: Cashmere, Wool

  • Wet Activities: Nylon, Spandex

  • Winter wear: Wool, Polypropylene

  • Dress wear: Nylon, Spandex

It makes sense to verify and match each sock with each activity, each fabric serving different purposes and construction techniques to keep your feet happy all day long! nobody likes to sweat for no reason nor ending up with early blisters that could have been prevented with the proper blend of fabric.

So yes, there are some fabric blend considerations to appreciate, especially when practicing sports and high-intensity activities and there are some rather fashion considerations that can take over when the fabric may not be so crucial as the statement we wish to project or the look itself, if you catch my drift.

Sport socks for men (Gym)

This category of great performance socks will feature moisture-wicking/moisture-management fibers and air-circulating ventilation channels to keep your feet dry and comfortable. For running, bamboo & polyester are the best fabrics while 100% cotton is not so good.

  • Invisible Sock

74% cotton (mercerized), 23% polyamide, 3% elastane (Lycra®

  • Sneaker/ankle sock

65% cotton (GOTS®-standard organic cotton), 33% polyamide, 2% elastane (Lycra®)

  • Calf/crew sock

  • Knee high socks

Popular Brand Socks for Men

VANS "Off the wall" Collection

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Nike Everyday Max Cushioned

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