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Discover the Seletti collections. This Italian company creates beautiful artwork that is both functional and decorative for your home/office. They design a wide range of products from lighting, furniture, tableware, toilet paper, home accessories, animal-inspired objects, ancient Japanese art-inspired drinkware, magical tiny world miniature objects, memorabilia museum masterpieces, Jurassic lamps, forged brass tiny objects, porcelain with a sarcastic taste, funny odd shaped hangers, 50's theme furniture, etc. you get the idea how versatile, imaginative, yet, avantgarde these objects can be. Needless to say, you won't find any of this at your local Walmart or Home Sense.

The Seletti collections have a modern, whimsical feel to them. They're full of art that blends with your day-to-day life icons in clever and eye-catching ways: just for you! Whether it be vintage or futuristic pieces they've got something perfect for the person who wants their house to look like an interactive museum from rooms near and far.

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Introducing the Seletti Collections


"Culture Skulpture" - Snake

$340 | Buy from Amara

Add intrigue to any space with this Decorative Snake from Diesel Living with Seletti. Made from aluminium, this beautifully detailed snake is enhanced with the whimsical phrase "don't step on me". Inspired by the horror culture, it is part of the Wunderkammer collection and makes a fabulous addition to your own cabinet of curiosities.

  • Material: aluminium

  • Dimensions: H43.5xW26xD25cm

  • Beautifully detailed decorative snake

"Culture Sculpture" - Skeleton Hand

$102 | Buy from AMARA

Add a gothic touch to your home with this Diesel Wunderkammer skeleton hand from Seletti. Straight from the graveyard and into your home, this ornament is a rare addition to any living space.

  • Material: aluminium

  • Dimensions: W24xD9.5cm

"Culture Sculpture" - Holy Crab

$191 | Buy from AMARA

Add intrigue to your home with this Diesel Wunderkammer Holy Crab from Seletti. Straight from the beach and into your living room, this ornament is a rare addition to any living space.

  • Material: aluminium

  • Dimensions: H7.5xW32.5xD19cm

"Culture Skulpture" - Bison Skull

$485 | Buy from AMARA

Welcome the weird and wonderful to your interior with this Diesel Wunderkammer Bison skull from Seletti. Rare and quirky, this bison skull is enhanced with the playful phrase ‘I’m Horny’. A daring addition to any home, pair it with more ornaments from the collection to add intrigue to your space.

  • Material: aluminium

  • Dimensions: L 49 x W 24 x H 46.5 cm


Glass Coffee Set - Snakes

$28 | Buy from AMARA

Bring the weird and wonderful world of Seletti to your breakfast table. Made from borosilicate glass with gold detailing, this coffee cup and saucer is printed with an eccentric design in the brand’s signature style. Pair with more glassware from Seletti to add a touch of unconventionality to your home.

Bird Table Lamp - Waiting - Black or White

$199 | Buy from AMARA

A little bird told us, you’d love this Waiting Bird Lamp from Seletti. Wonderfully weird, it’s been designed to light up your nest like something out of a fairy tale. Suitable for outdoor use, it’ll delight guests at your next garden party. They won’t be able to stop tweeting about it.

  • Material: resin

  • Dimensions: 29.5x18.5x12cm

  • Bulb: 14 LED 2W (included)