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The US Currency's New Look Is Astonishingly Distinct!

In the spirit of keeping a close grip against criminal counterfeit practices, the U.S government, like many other countries who continue updating their currency, is improving the level of security of its currency by replacing them all with these new designs.

Andrey Avgust has a creative take on the American dollar. Recently, he redesigned some historic paper notes to reflect today’s society and culture. So the credit for this gorgeous work of art goes to Belarus Designer Andrey Avgust where you can observe the rest of his work on behance.

When the dollar bill first made its debut in 1963, it was a Federal Reserve Note instead of a Silver Certificate. The obverse design that we still see today on the one-dollar bill debuted back in 1935, when it became legal tender as well.

The New Security Features of the US Currency

Amongst the innovative new features, you will find a Portrait Watermark, a Security Thread, some Color-Shifting when you tilt the note, Raised Printing you can easily feel at the rubbing of the paper, Gold 100 on the back of the note to help those with visual impairments, a Microprinting of "The United States of America" and a FW Indicator appearing on the top left of the front of the note. The notes have different features, for example, the 3-D security ribbon and the Bell in the inkwell are only applied to the redesigned $100 note. You can read more about the respective features of each note by visiting the uscurrency site.

The new US Dollar by Andrey Avgust on Youtube.

Who Approves Currency Designs in the US?

The team at BEP (Bureau of Engraving and Printing) is the authority to approve the U.S. paper currency. They ensure that each bill we use has a balance between security features and artistic flair--without being too overdone or outdated! They take care of everything from sketching out designs to finalizing which one gets used, so you know your money is safe when you're spending it around town!

Some of the Best Looking Designs of Foreign Currencies

Swiss Currency South Africa Malaysia Canada

The History of U.S Currency traced back to the colonial era can be further explored with it's Periods of Influence on the uscurrency site.

1690 Colonial Note

The paper currency in the United States was born out of military expeditions, funded by Massachusetts Bay Colony. Soon other colonies followed this practice and issued their own notes for trade.


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