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Top 20 Tools Used by Digital Nomads Around the World

Life as a digital nomad is not for everyone, but it's gaining momentum. A new generation of location-independent freelancers, young entrepreneurs who are willing to give up financially stable jobs in order to make their own way and live life on their terms may find this lifestyle more appealing than ever before.

The idea behind living abroad as a digital nomad minimalist, ultralight, stress-free, virus-protected, completely transforms the current generation's perspective on what is possible when pursuing happiness; now they want people around themselves that share those same values.

Traveling as a young digital nomadic living "in the moment" who needs to access his business wherever he goes can be challenging and stressful at times. You need to bring all your work equipment & nomad gear when you pack and leave for months but also want to have fun and enjoy the location you are in.

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The problem with traveling is that it’s not always easy to find essentials for your daily needs, especially while on the road. For example, when I was traveling through South East Asia last year I had no idea what toiletries or accessories would be available where I was going next so I had to make sure that everything fit into my carry-on luggage!

We wanted something more streamlined so we curated a few popular essentials as a way of making life easier for digital nomads like ourselves and others who travel often.

Lifestyle & Intangibles Nomads will need to Cope with

The lifestyle of living in Paradise has its perks, but it also comes with many inconveniences that can make the experience less than fulfilling if you didn't plan everything beyond the swimwear and the laptop.

Moving constantly is exhausting, and your productivity can suffer. Digital nomads often battle loneliness in foreign countries with no private space to call their own or anyone around them who understands what they're going through at home (or back where you come from) every day of the week.

Just because there's a laptop doesn't mean everything has changed! Travel loses its luster & wow factor when living abroad just as much as anything else does, but for some people, it becomes even more difficult than others...

Local Networking to better adapt and fight loneliness

Traveling on your own can be a daunting experience. You might find yourself feeling overwhelmed at the thought of feeling isolated, trying out new cultures, languages, or by the lack of resources and support in foreign countries but there is a way to palliate to it!

Local and online nomad communities offer a quick and easy way to blend in and adapt smoothly to anywhere you need to be until your work visa expires. Networking with other nomads will provide you with solid advice on how to become an independent nomad and live the rhythm of a location lifestyle.

  • Go nomad

Thanks to this rich community of 29,708 remote workers living around the world, you can comfortably make new contacts, friends, traveling companions or just read about the different locations they've experienced in terms of clean air, temperature, clean city, pollution factor, peacefulness, Uber availability, young population, nightlife, low murder rate, rich neighborhood, etc.

  • Workfrom

Workfrom is the perfect place for you to get creative and interact with others in a productive manner. Whether it's brainstorming new ideas, collaborating on projects, or just dropping by without any expectations Workfrom makes meeting people easy!

  • Remotely One

The RemotelyOne slack channel is a members-only community purely for location-independent professionals. This group of like-minded individuals is able to build virtual relationships through discussion on anything ranging from cool products and services, fun places to visit, or remote work challenges. It's an opportunity that not only expands your network but also provides you with more sources for inspiration than ever before!

Secure Nomad Banking Services You Will Appreciate


  • N26

Get your free bank account in just 8 minutes and manage your money right from your smartphone with N26. Discover smart features that give you more control over your finances. Get a virtual Mastercard right after opening your account—and connect it with Apple Pay or Google Pay to start spending right away. Up to €50,000 balance, no deposit fee applies. N26 is a fintech company, not a bank.

For both personal and business, easily move your money between countries, send in local currency, pay at the real exchange rate, link to your Amazon, Paypal, and more.

  • Payoneer

Also good for non-US-UK residents is an all-in-one solution for sending and receiving money, similar to Paypal with a global reach. The fees are transparent both for credit card 3% and for local bank transfer 0-1%.