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Stylish Outdoor Patio Heaters

As we are all being asked to stay home during these epidemic times, one might think that confinement is cold, restrictive, and dreadful but there might be an alternative to spark our boring confinement after all. Heat the outdoor for your yard, patio, your deck, or just keep cold-weather gatherings warm while you practice social-distance.

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Patio heaters are like portable fireplaces that you can move around from area to area on your patio depending on where people want to congregate and what they want to do outdoors. Having them available gives everyone more options for enjoying time outside and ensures no one gets cold if they get up during dinner or decide.

Indeed, installing an outdoor heat source is a quick way to add comfortable space so that you can entertain guests at a safe distance. It can also serve as an extension of our homes during this time and there are quite a few options out there from heat lamps, fire pits, patio heaters infrared to propane heaters.

Fire Pits

There is a wide range of models and designs and they are usually made of either metal, masonry-like concrete, ceramic, or even fiberglass-reinforced cement. Regardless, they all pretty much burn wood while exposing smoldering logs to plenty of oxygen in the open air.


  • Anyone sitting downwind of the pit can end up with smoke blowing into their face.

BALI OUTDOORS Wood burning Fire Pit with Cooking Grill, 32"x 24", Sturdy Base Construction.

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These burn wood like a fire pit but because they are usually narrower than a pit along with a chiminea sitting on top of the fire helps funnel the smoke up and out of the way. Some are lighter metal for an easier move around the backyard or onto the deck, however, some are made of clay and much heavier to move around. Because they are enclosed, they do a much better job of containing sparks than the fire pits.


The view around the chiminea is not as wide open as the fire pit, therefore do not offer a 360-degree view of the fire.

Deckmate Sonora Fireplace: $287.99 on Amazon

Infrared Patio Heaters

Infrared create heat that is very similar to the sun through electromagnetic radiation. They have a fast response time, have temperature gradients, focused heated area and non-contact, thereby not disturbing.


It will only warm areas in front of it so if you place it in front of your feet, this is the only part of your body that will be exposed.

LIFE SMART 6 for Large Room, Corded Electric: $135 on Amazon

Propane Heaters

Propane heaters are great for outdoor use in well-ventilated areas since they use flames to generate heat at a higher capacity than electric heaters. Propane heaters need oxygen to breathe so not recommended for enclosed compounds without windows to open. Large patio heaters use the same 20-pound liquid propane tank that a gas grill does, a smaller tabletop version work with the fuel tanks.


The biggest disadvantage is keeping up with the tank maintenance, regular inspections in case of a leak, and the constant filling of the tank when least expecting it.

Endless Summer, 2 in 1 Propane Fire Pit & Outdoor Heater: $749 on Amazon

With such a wide range of outdoor heating options, you might get confused in selecting the right one. So if you have a large property with lots of space in the backyard, the fire pit might be a safe option for you. The chimenea is also great, especially near a lake where it can be windy but it requires some maintenance. If you are limited in space near the house and don't want too much maintenance, a gas-powered patio heater might be a better choice for you.

All products featured on Men Objects are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.