• Ashley Anne

Time to Upgrade your Wallet: Stylish Slim or RFID Wallet?

Many of us want to protect our personal information from being stolen while having a practical and somewhat stylish slim wallet. However, most wallets are not designed with privacy in mind. They can be easily scanned by RFID readers and pickpockets. What should I get?

Why not both? I don't like anything in my pockets. I prefer to keep my jeans, chinos, or shorts as light as possible. If I have to put something in my pockets, I prefer it to be small and light. So when most people come home and slip off their boots, I come home and empty out my pockets; clipping a knife to the back of one pocket while resisting the urge to slide my truck keys into another one (even though they're bulky).

When it comes to my “EDC” kit, I keep it light. I’ve been using a front-pocket wallet for years. I like them because they’re light and small, and they keep everything I need in one place. I wanted to see if these wallets would work for my lifestyle and my penchant for empty pockets.

There are things we cannot leave behind anywhere we go, and credit cards must be one of those. As we slowly drive to a cashless life by card-based transactions, it’s important that we think of how to protect our credit card data from RFID theft. You don’t have to be tech-savvy to be able to do that. You just have to know the right wallet to use in case you worry about your credit cards being invisibly read and stolen by a hidden mobile device a thief might carry on him around the next corner of the street.

RFID thieves are becoming more and more intelligent. Shouldn't you be as well?

There are those who think that the odds of becoming such a victim are pretty slim to none, considering that consumers in the US and Canada are not typically responsible for the amounts lost in case of credit card fraud. The Fair Credit Billing Act limits the liability to $50, and oftentimes, there’s no cost at all. But what is an RFID wallet? RFID or Radio Frequency Identification is a short-distance electro-magnetic method for transmitting small bits of data. As technology continues to progress, concerns over data protection are relevant and important. Until recently, no one knew that sensitive information could be breached without our knowledge directly from our pockets anywhere we shop! So thank God there’s protection by way of “RFID” blocking devices.

Does an RFID blocking wallet really work?

Good news! It does. RFID blocking wallets are used by many to protect their credit card data and stay safe. The special layer in these RFID blocking wallets blocks the electromagnetic fields from reaching your cards that have RFID chips embedded in them. The carbon fiber or metal used in this shield is considered a conductive material. This protective layer of an RFID blocking wallet takes the incoming electromagnetic waves from a skimmer’s RFID scanner and spreads it around the wallet, but refuses entry through the shield.

Do you really need an RFID wallet?

Although it seems unlikely to have techie thieves lurking around us to steal our credit card data, it is still better to take safety precautionary measures. You might be thinking that having your credit card data stolen is like a 1 out of 10 chance, it’s still better to be safe than sorry.

RFID Protected Models

  1. Travando Mens Slim Wallet with Money Clip & RFID: $19.95 on Amazon

  2. Clifton Heritage Unisex RFID Front Pocket Leather: $7.64 on Amazon

  3. Carbon Fiber Minimalist: $9.40 on Amazon

  4. Authentic Ridge Wallet - Metal RFID Blocking with Cash Strap: $85 on Amazon

  5. Serman Brands Slim Bifold Made of Genuine Leather: $29.99 on Amazon

  6. Calvin Klein Men's RFID Leather Bifold: $27.99 on Amazon

  7. Bellroy Premium Leather Wallet, Thin Bifold Design, Holds 4-12 Cards: $79 on Amazon

  8. Fidelo Minimalist Wallet - RFID: $36.90 on Amazon

SLIM Models

  1. Leather Bifold Made in Europe: $19.95 on Amazon

  2. Timberland Leather Trifold with ID Window: $219.95 on Amazon

  3. Coach 3 in 1 Wallet with Varsity Stripes: $91 on Amazon

  4. Feith & Felly Bifold with Money Clip (RFID): $21.99 on Amazon

Our Suggested Wallet

The Travando’s Slim Wallet blocks and protects against data theft if your wallet is scanned by a 13.56 MHz radio wave. The 11 card pockets will allow you to organize cards, business cards, bills, and so on. The wallet was tested by an independent German quality control institute (and not rigged with RFID readers or scanners), it received the ok for blocking - this feature is controlled by each country's lawmaking body. Made of Durable Tyvek material (similar to what mailers use) it is a high-quality eco leather with durable fabric inserts that provide RFID protection in its middle pocket (i.e., acts as lining). Perfect for travelers of any kind that fell uneasy carrying their personal credit cards and other sensible ID's.

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