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Who is the front runner for the next James Bond?

Who will be the next James Bond? That’s a question that's been on everyone's lips since Daniel Craig first announced his retirement.

Several British actors have been the subject of much speculations about James Bond's role since Daniel Craig's departure was announced. But beware guys! it's not enough for the next James Bond contender to have the chiseled jaw of a model, a cute smile, and a British accent.

Tom Hardy - Wikipedia | Jamie Dornan - Flickr | Luke Evans - Wikipedia

The next James Bond actor must be able to fit the bill. He needs charm, charisma, and versatility with solid acting skills that are quick on their feet - not an easy task for some!

Such an actor must have all the qualities to be a serious James Bond, not just the chiseled jaw of a model, some acting experience, and a British accent. One needs to show off their talent with versatility and action figure playability as well! Oh yes - this person must have charm, charisma, depth, humor, confidence, weapon handling, player, etc.

Physical Abilities of the Bond Character

James Bond is the physical embodiment of an action hero. He is tough and accomplished, with a strong body that can endure anything from swimming to running all day long without tiring — even doing free-running movements! His stamina also had a large lung capacity so he could run for miles on end while doing martial arts moves at high speeds if necessary--and still have enough energy left over after those exertions as well.

The Personality Traits of your favorite 007 Agent

James Bond is a unique individual. Sound-minded and of strong spirit, he has enough intelligence to guide him through his endeavors for world domination or infiltration. But recognition is not his thing.

Cunning enough for any occasion, Bond knows how important it can be when circumstances are dire. This man also has abandonment issues which make relationships with him difficult, if not impossible. Because his friends will get hurt eventually, being alone becomes less painful over time for the agent, yet still too much at times.

He's a loner, but he can be charming and manipulative. He prefers his privacy and rarely looks for companionship except for sexual encounters. But when it comes down to business, he'll charm anyone into doing anything for the right price...or tricking them so badly they won't even notice how much you're getting away with before long anyway.

James Bond is a man of structure. He has very strong preferences for his habits and patterns, but he can't help himself from rebelling against it sometimes with subtle ways to subvert authority or do things differently than what's expected

Bond seeks order in the chaos around him; however, every now then you'll find this agent rebelling just enough so that no one notices how well disciplined he actually stayed under all those rules!

Agent 007 is a man who has faced death many times. He doesn't seem to think about the future. Only living in the present and pushing himself to the edge seems to be the pattern. Ultimately, there can't be any regrets when it comes time for him to retire.

Which of your favorite British actor has these qualities to fill the shoes of the Bond Character?

Top James Bond Contenders to replace Daniel Craig

Actor James Cavill
Henry Cavill - Wikimedia Commons

Henry William Dalgliesh Cavil

38 - Born May 5, 1983

Henry Cavill is a British actor who gained international recognition for his role as Superman in the DC Extended Universe superhero films Man of Steel (2013), Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, and Justice League. He also starred in action spy movies like The Man From U.N CLE and Mission Impossible - Fallout where he plays again another secret agent character named August Walker alongside Tom Cruise.

Idris Elba actor
Idris Elba on the far right - Image by Rick Rowell | Credit: ABC Flickr


  • MTV Movie Awards for Best Hero

  • Razzie Award for Worst Screen Combo shared with Ben Affleck

Idris Elba

49 - Born Sept. 6, 1972

Idris Elba is an actor, producer and musician who has been in the business for over 20 years. Elba is one of the most sought-after actors in Hollywood, with his voice dominating every film he stars on. He’s been linked to this role for years and has seemingly ruled out throwing his hat into the ring - at least for now! according to Rolling Stone.


  • BET Award for Best Actor, 2010

  • BET Award for Best Actor, 2011

  • NAACP Image Award, 2011

  • Golden Globe Award for Best Actor, 2011

  • Black Reel Award for Best Actor, 2012

British Actor James Norton
James Norton - Wikipedia image

James Norton

36 - Born July 18, 1985

James Norton is an English actor who has enjoyed a lucrative film career, starring in films such as Belle, Mr. Jones, and Little Women. He also happens to be cumulating several key qualities of a spy: he's extremely attractive, very smart, well educated, and he's a fantastic actor.