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Essential Tips for Men on How to Wear Jewelry

Men's jewelry is a great way to express your style, just make sure you wear it right. They can seriously enhance your personal sense of style. You want to make sure that any piece you're wearing is complimentary and not too overbearing with the rest of your outfit, so find a balance between simple or bold pieces depending on what looks suit you best!

There are some men’s accessories out there that have gotten more than their fair share of attention lately: watches for example. But did you know? Men also enjoy accessorizing in other ways like rings, bracelets, necklaces, piercings - even earrings! With all these options available at various price points around town (and online!) finding something perfect shouldn't be difficult if we just pay attention to our own individual personalities.

Photo by Chris Benson on Unsplash

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How to wear a bracelet?

A minimal design goes a long way into showing a lot of extra styles and sex appeal over a bright shiny and expensive gold bracelet. You can choose to wear it with a necklace or on its own if you're not too comfortable wearing too much jewelry. Also, metal bracelets tend to look better on dressier outfits than leather or beads bracelets. You'll want to wear it loose enough that you can move around instead of too tight. Bracelets can be worn on their own, you don't always have to wear them with a watch if they stand out on their own. But one can outshine the other and upstage the other, so it can be a good thing or not if you wear a cheap watch.

Save some for different outfits, different events. You don't have to show all of your assets at once! especially not the cheap knock-offs you bought by the yard!

How to wear earrings?

Want a way to show your personality without looking like you're trying too hard? Try an earring. Striking balance between showing personality and coming off like a teenage rebel isn’t as difficult as you think when wearing an earring. Earrings aren't classified as casual or formal, but this doesn't mean that in any situation they're completely out of the question! Here's how to show your individuality while still maintaining professionalism:

1) Keep it simple with small studs or hoops (or both!)- these are more appropriate for most workplaces on casual Fridays. If you need something fancier take some inspiration from chandeliers by adding beads all around the hoop instead of just one side for a little extra glamour without going overboard; 2) For day wear keep them subtle so others won't notice too much until after noticing your charming personality.

How to wear a necklace?

It is more elegant when you give it enough length (18-20") to be worn inside and out over your sweater when dressing up in style as opposed to wearing it like a choker too close to the neck. Thin is also better looking and masculine enough than too thick and shiny like Mr. T likes to draw attention.

How to wear rings?

A simple ring can be the perfect way to accessorize any outfit, whether you're looking for casual or more formal attire. You can find them in a variety of styles and materials so there's one that will suit your personal taste perfectly!

There are so many ways to wear a ring and a few types of rings to choose from, but the best way is with simplicity and timelessness. A silver sterling band will never go out of style no matter what other trends come in or out. So if you're looking for something that's going to last forever, this might just be it!

  • Signet Style Ring (Bold)

The classic signet ring for men is one of the most masculine and fashionable. Signets were traditionally worn on the pinky finger, with wearers incorporating their family crests or initials into them so they could use them as a seal for important documents when dipped in hot wax. It is bold and makes a statement while remaining a classic piece of jewelry. You can wear it on any finger you feel comfortable with, including the middle of the pointer finger.

  • Band Style Ring (Minimal)

If you prefer something more discreet, you may want to opt for a band-style ring, less noticeable but still very classy. A silicone model like this one is very rugged, non-conductive and much safer more flexible than metal, and can even be worn by men involved in more physical professions.

  • Dome Style Ring (Bold)

The dome ring will be bulkier than the band style so it will fall under another bold ring. So you'll want to avoid wearing more than one bold ring per hand. It would be wise to combine it with a minimal ring should you feel comfortable starting wearing more than one ring per hand.

  • Pinky Ring (Bold)

At times people might wear their pinky rings to convey messages or indicate affiliation with certain groups and organizations like college sororities who wear them as part of their uniform during formal occasions. The more modern use seems to have weakened any traditional historical symbolism from these types of jewelry pieces though- they are now just seen as another symbol you could choose based on your personal preference!

This inspired by ancient coins and stone carving Petrvs is from the David Yurman collection and comes in 3 colors (silver, yellow gold, and a mix of both).

From $515 - $2,850 USD | David Yurman

There's no wrong way to wear a ring!

- If you like minimalist fashion, choose smaller rings that emphasize clean lines.

- Or if you prefer more dramatic styles, go for designs with interesting details and larger sizes.

How to wear piercings?

Although none of our peer group appreciate nor find it appealing in any way, according to Cosmopolitan, the modern version of piercing is all about curation, so that piercings are now totally catered to your ear and aesthetic. " Whether you’re into layered lobe piercings, stacked hoops, or edgy orbitals, you can’t really go wrong when it comes to designing your ear." - Cosmopolitan.

How to wear a watch?

The watch is by far the centerpiece when it comes to men's jewelry. we have several styles that serve multiple purposes or different occasions. You wear your watch on the hand opposite to that of your dominant arm, so if you're right-handed and wearing a watch designed for left wrists.

If you're a new watch wearer, have no fear. The golden rule is that your wristwatch should not slide more than an inch up or down when moving your arm - it's easy to get the perfect snugness!

These 2 ugly watches are both from the Invicta Collection and the images are from Amazon.

Anklets for Men

Men have been wearing anklets for just about as long as women. Anklet wearers in Africa and the Middle East used to show how wealthy they were, but those days are gone! Nowadays it's all about what looks good on you--whether that's a simple leather band or something flashy with bling. With styles like these available at your local clothing store, staying up-to-date has never looked so cool.

Cross anklet by Principles @ Etsy
Unisex Beaded Anklet
Boho Surf Cowrie Shell Anklet by Wander @ Etsy

Ugly Anklets for men
Image from StyleCheer.com


Cufflinks are a great way to add style and personality. You can show your sense of humor with novelty cufflinks, or put on some more formal ones if you have an important meeting coming up. They can be made of pearl, silver, gold, metal sterling, yellow, rose gold, platinum, precious stone, onyx, sapphire, rubies, jade, etc.

We tried finding any tacky styles but it seems that these days people like to go all out when they wear jewelry as most cuffs we saw were really cool looking!

Tie Bar or Tie Clip

Tie bars are a great way for guys who don't know what they're doing, or want extra help in the fashion department, to make their shirts and ties look amazing without spending thousands on custom-made clothes!

Tie Clip Sizes
Image from BlackLapel.com

Shirt Studs & Lapel Pins

More decorative and formal wear. A shirt stud is typically used to fasten shirts, but it can also be a subtle accessory. It may come in the form of alloys, gemstones, or precious metals with an added element like pearl or onyx for decoration. Although this item has been accepted as standard dress code for certain occasions such as formal wear and semi-formal events amongst men in modern western society; there are still some who consider its use inappropriate outside these contexts due to the fact that they believe wearing one out warrants attention from others which could lead them into uncomfortable social situations.

This tacky lapel pin is from KingPiin on Amazon.

Lapel pins are a collector's item! Lapel pins, worn on the lapels of clothing for decoration and identification purposes are often used in various organizations to signify membership or achievement. Non-members might also be interested to collect these as symbols of accomplishment and belonging.

Businesses, corporates, & political parties also use lapel pins to designate achievement and membership. Lapel pins are a common element of employee recognition programs, and they are presented to individuals as a symbol of accomplishment. Like fraternity and sorority pins, these lapel pins instill a sense of belonging to an elite group of performers at the organization.

The Shirt Collar Clip

This sutle accessory will enhance the visual and finish of your collar and ultimately of your shirt. You'll need a shirt collar not too spread, not as easy to find nowadays. The collar bar clip is an accessory that keeps your shirt tucked in, but its popularity has come and gone over the years. It's always been a style-conscious guy's must-have though!

It can be worn with just about anything: dress shirts from Brooks Brothers, button-downs from J.Crew, or American Eagle Outfitters; you name it!

These two tacky pin brooches are from Yamini & CoolMenClub on Etsy. The proper way to wear the collar pin can be seen on hespokestyle.com


When in doubt, remember a few basic rules with regards to men's jewelries::

  1. Subtlety is the key to true refinement, bold shiny bling-bling is too noisy;

  2. Size do matters, better match your jewelry with your physic and not go oversize;

  3. For many people, buying jewelry is all about the brand and the materialistic aspect of it. I don't get that at all and prefer to pick a piece of jewelry with meaning as opposed to something expensive or trendy.

  4. Always try to match your metals instead of clashing too many styles and different colors of metals at the same time;

  5. Choose your bling based on the event you are going to. No need to wear the Rolex if you are going to the beach;

  6. Less is better! Tone it down and your jewelry will stand out.


Disclosure: All products featured on Men Objects are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.