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Ride with Style and Safety in one of these 10 Smart Bike Helmets.

We're all familiar with the dangers of distracted driving. Why take your eyes off the road when you can listen to music or make a phone call without having to hold on to your device? With the built-in speakers and mic, you'll never have to worry about missing an important call again while riding!

The latest crop of helmets is betting you want more than just a brain-protecting bucket. Along with the usual safety features, these new smart helmets add hands-free speakers and microphones, app connectivity, intercom function, and even turn signals! They aren't riding an entirely new trail; there have been some other smart helmet companies out for about 2 years now but technology has finally caught up to them.

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2021 Smart Helmet Bike Review

Lumos Matrix Smart Helmet

*****4.6 out of 5 (202 ratings)

Traditional cycling helmets are only useful if you get into a crash. Lumos helmets incorporate bright lights so that you've seen them on the road and smart features to make you predictable to the traffic around you. Time to say goodbye to antiquated cycling gear and embrace the future of urban commuting.


I got this mainly for doing night rides in an urban setting, and it excels well for visibility and safety (and it just looks cool as well). Though the front LEDs are not bright enough to illuminate the road or trail, they are quite bright and make you very visible to others. The device and overall experience are very well thought through. I loved all the tiny details. from packaging to how charging works, the design is top-notch.

The quality is well deserving the price, high end. The show killer is the weight, this is not likely to be worn for long as discomfort soon comes to you giving the fact you got to cranially support a 1.2ish pound helmet weight.

LIVALL MT1 Smart Helmet

*****4.2 out of 5 (194 ratings)

The MT1 helmet weighs only 310g, so you won't feel its weight in long-term riding. And with 21 vents design, the perfect combination of aerodynamics and ergonomics effectively reduces wind resistance, which can provide the best airflow, ventilation and comfort when you ride, reducing riding fatigue.

Upgraded Smart Light

This helmet is a safety device from head to toe. It has an upgraded smart light, with LED warning lights and flashing turn signals that provide warnings for cars and other cyclists while on the road. The clear visibility of these features makes it safer to ride at night, as well as informing intent in more detail so people can make decisions quickly before you take off again!


What I like about this helmet is that it simplifies my life and saves time. Instead of having to manage my Bluetooth headset and helmet taillight, I just deal with the helmet. That means charging 1 thing instead of 2, remembering to grab 1 thing instead of 2, and putting on 1 thing instead of 2. I purchased this in October of 2019 and use it regularly (about 5 times per week). You are not going to get high-quality stereo sound from the speakers. I use it mainly for audiobooks but will listen to music also. I am confident drivers are more aware of my presence when I use my turn signals and hand signals together. Blinkers are fantastic and fits comfortably.

The Bluetooth audio is a little weird. It can't play audio if my phone is in my pants pocket. It works fine if I keep my phone in a holder on my handlebars.

Lumos Kickstart Smart Helmet

*****4.6 out of 5 (1,134 ratings)

Unisex Front and rear lights, turn signals, brake lights & Bluetooth connected. Its turn indicators and automatic brake lights are very intuitive to drivers.


Excellent visibility, this helmet is doing everything I want it to do. Its bright colors and lights make me feel safer than ever on the road. Its fit can easily be adjusted depending on whether I need to wear a thick hat or a ponytail. The signal bar is mounted near my brakes so I don’t have to lift my hand to push the buttons. The headlight isn't bright enough to light the way but certainly plenty enough to be seen. While this helmet does everything it says, there were 2 drawbacks with the weight on longer commutes over 25 miles and the battery life could last longer and charge faster.

Smart Communications Sena R1

*****4.7 out of 5 (1,613 ratings)

Sleek, comfortable, and modern. The R1 is a blend of technology and traditional construct, integrating built-in speakers and a mic into a cycling helmet. Want to listen to your favorite music or podcast on your ride? Listen to local stations or connect to your phone via Bluetooth to stream your playlists, with no dangling wires or obtrusive headphones in the way.

R1's Key Features:

  • Built-in speakers and microphone

  • Group Intercom for up to four riders