• Ashley Anne

What is the Most Useful Gadget a Guy Should Own?

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As life gets busier each day, we lose time in doing all the stuff we used to do. Along with this, several innovative items also make their way to the market to offer products that can help us in keeping the things we’ve always loved but left due to the hectic schedules. If you are interested to know the coolest new gadgets in the market today, check these things out:

Gorilla Infrared Wall-Mount Forehead Thermometer

The Infrared Thermometer accurately measures body temperature and displays temperature in LCD screen. Simply place the forehead 2-4 inches away from the thermometer to get the best reading.

$112.95 | Read more

Handheld PowerLix Milk Frother

Electric Foam Maker for Coffee, Latte, Cappuccino, Hot Chocolate, etc.

(*****47,090 ratings on Amazon!!)

$19.97 | Buy here

Digital Kitchen Scale (Black Glass)

(83,104 ratings on Amazon!!!)

$17.95 | Buy here

All of the qualities you need and expect in a kitchen scale: readings down to the gram, an eleven pound capacity, and easy to read display. What more could you want?

Dims: 8.1 x 6.1 x 0.6"

BlissLights Laser Star Projector

After a busy day, it’s nice to have something to set the mood just before you transition into slumber. BlissLights is created just for that. It is a laser projector that brings the universe inside your bedroom. Enjoy the peacefulness of the night sky with the comfort of your own home.

This item is great for setting the mood in every room of your house with just a simple mechanism. Create a spa-like ambiance and try to imagine you are one with the galaxies for a more relaxing and chill night time.

Key Features:

• Brand: BlissLights

• Light Source Type: LED

• Weight: 1.6 pounds

• Color: Green

• Special Feature: Galaxy laser projector


• Can last up to 4 hours

• Colorful projections

• Adjustable brightness


• Can flash too much light in the eye

$59.99 on Amazon

Outdoors Toolbox

For handymen who are going out for an adventure is a habit, this Outdoor Survival Gear toolset is a perfect choice. It is loaded with thirteen (13) different gadgets that will help you make your way into the wild. It is lightweight and convenient to carry on a hike or put inside a backpack or car.

It is also waterproof and rust-proof because an active man has no time to stop. It includes a torch light, a survival bracelet, a multifunctional tool, and a military knife as well. Keep this as a companion in all of your trips!

Key Features:

• Material: Canvas

• Brand: ACElken