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No Excuse to Go Outside with these Water Shoes!

You’ve been looking for a pair of shoes to wear in the water, but you can never find anything that actually works? Well, we have the perfect solution for you! These unisex multipurpose shoes are suitable for CrossFit, trail running, walking, jogging, trekking, and more. They are also great for water park activities like swimming or surfing. And they're even good enough to wear on dry land too! So no matter what your needs may be these versatile shoes will work out perfectly.

Photo by Steyn Viljoen, Keurboomstrand, South Africa

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If you want a shoe that is comfortable and stylish then this selection is for you! Our multipurpose lightweight shoe selection are flexible, adjusted and have quick-dry fabric so it's easy to get them on and off with just one hand and constantly be on the move. The soles are often made from rubber which makes it durable and slip-resistant while still being comfortable - perfect if you need something lightweight yet tough at the same time! Plus they come in tons of different colors so there's always something new to try out every day when getting dressed up or dressing down.

Water Shoes with rubber sole

Mayzero water shoes Mayzero water shoes

Quick Dry, lightweight Quick Dry, lightweight

Multifunctional summer shoes Multifunctional summer shoes

USD $24.95 USD $24.95

PRO & CONS: Good entry-level shoe, comfortable, sturdy, great price, durable but there is a good amount of excess string when you tighten them and are a little tight around the ankle.

4.6 **** out of 5 (4,021 global rating)

Mishansha water shoes Kararao water shoes

Spandex Fabri Upper Lycra, rubber sole

Rubber sole, salt-resistant Breathable stretch, easy put on

USD $28.99 USD $25.99

PRO & CONS: The Mishansha shoe fits as expected, is good for the beach & water activities, quite comfortable although not as much as the more expensive Speedo. They are pretty narrow and tend to be more comfortable without the laces on. Durability to be determined.

4.6 **** out of 5 (18,535 global rating)


PRO & CONS: The Kararao shoe is attractive and nicely made, good gripping sole on rough surfaces, very comfortable, sturdy, but it can dye some color on your heel at first and can be slippery when wet.

4.6 **** out of 5 (2,178 global rating)

Zhuanglin quick-dry DLGJPA Lightweight Athletic

90% fabric, rubber sole 90% fabric, rubber sole

Breathable & durable air mesh upper Anti-slip, Stretchy and wear-resistant

USD $29.99 USD $29.99

PRO & CONS: The Zhuanglin is a great deal for the buck! looks like a sneaker, quite comfortable, great for swimming and hiking although some stones get caught in the bottom when you go off-trail. The strings have plastic ends and they make a ton of noise when walking. So it’s a bit annoying.

4.5 **** out of 5 (12,471 global rating)


PRO & CONS: These DLGJPA lightweight water shoes are awesome! So lightweight, you barely notice them. These would be five stars for sure, but I'm rating four stars because these shoes run WAY large! These shoes are surprisingly pretty sweet. But much space in the toes.

4.5 **** out of 5 (9,319 global rating)

Speedo Surfwalker Rush Speedo Surfwalker Rush

100% true size, felt true width 100% true size, felt true width

Hydrophobic, quick-dry Hydrophobic, quick-dry

USD $40.00 USD $40.00

PRO & CONS: These are very comfortable and fit great. Even when my foot was submerged in water, they dried quickly and kept very good traction, even on seaweed-covered rocks. Easy on and easy off as well. Highly recommend! The sole is extremely thick and heavy so it would be good for walking if I could stand to wear these longer than just a short time.

4.5 **** out of 5 (12,471 global rating)


Vibram FiveFingers V-Aqua Xero Shows Aqua X Sport

Grey Color Surf

82% true to size, 91% true to width 100% true to size, 100% true to width

USD $90.00 USD $119.99

PRO & CONS: The FiveFingers takes a day or so to get it to shape to your feet, and to soften up, since it does stretch some.st and can be slippery when wet. Comfortable and the grey looks fantastic in my opinion. The only downside is sad easily gets into these and it's difficult to get them out

4 **** out of 5 (11 Reviews)


PRO & CONS: The Xero Aqua shoe is very breathable and I like the design, but they're definitely designed for someone with narrow feet. Super lightweight and comfortable !!! Have to walk over lots of rocks, big and small, sharp and barnacled. No issues whatsoever.

5 **** out of 5 (19 Reviews)

Sea Star Beachwear Mariner TOMS Alpargata 3.0

Slip-On Water Shoe Cool comfort & timeless style

33% Half size too large, 100% Felt true to width Rubber sole, Goring V-panel

USD $95.00 USD $54.90

PRO & CONS: The Sea Star is very comfortable, material is soft, nice!But it is 1 size too large for some compared to Adidas and or Nike.

5 **** out of 5 (3 Reviews)


PRO & CONS: The TOMS are very comfortablle and quite a looker shoe. They feel like a glove. Very stylish, you can wear them to work as well. Can easily throw them in the washing machine. However, they tned to be too large in size.

4.0 **** out of 5 (10 Reviews)

SeaVees Army Issue Low Classic SeaVees Darby Sneaker

Water-resistant grade nylon upper Textile upper, lining and insole

Can be wore with no socks Rubber outsole

USD $78.00 USD $59.99

PRO & CONS: The SeaVees Army is very comfortable, it retains it's stiffness compared to the thin canvas models, the insole makes them more comfortable than the inexpensive lightweight shoes as well. Great looking stylish shoes that goes with jeans, shorts, swimwear, bermudas.

4 **** out of 5 (18 Reviews)

SeaVees Westwood Sneaker Classic SeaVees Hermosa Plimsoll Classic

Tennis shoe honors Arthur Ashe Cool Cali style skateboard

Vintage cotton-webbing backstay detailing Can be worn with no-show socks

USD $51.85 USD $78.00

PRO & CONS: The Westwood Tennis is lightweight, cut and sewn canvas uppers that have been salt-washed for over 90 minutes for a soft, perfectly faded finish. Great looking 60-ish style sneaker that looks good with anything. Part of the problem is the insole. They become very slippery when your foot perspires.

4 **** out of 5 (28 Reviews)


PRO & CONS: The Hermosa Plimsoll is the perfect weekender at the beach. Versatile and comfortable but tend to run a half size smaller. They also feel slightly tight. Those who bought a size too adjusted complained of blisters on the heels.

4*** out of 5 (35 Reviews)

Sperry Flex Deck CVO Ultralite Columbia Slack Tide Slip PFG

Mesh upper for breathability Low-top silhouette

Adjustable bungee lace Best ally on the water, lightweight

USD $56.21 USD $59.95

PRO & CONS: The Sperry are nice boating shoes. 50% Full size too large, 100% Felt true to width, 100% Moderate arch support. Not much consistency in their sizes though and the construction seems low quality. Very comfortable however.

3 **** out of 5 (2 Reviews)


PRO & CONS: The Columbial is a stretch material, quite comfortable. Comfy and snappy. Works to wet boat decks. Cool looking shoes tha tmatch with everything during summer.

4*** out of 5 (7 Reviews)

Our Pick for multipurpose summer shoe ****4.5/5 (122 ratings)

Built for the water, with outsoles that stick to slippery surfaces like wet boat decks and rocks.

  • Highly breathable, quick-dry textile upper

  • Welded synthetic overlays for abrasion protection

  • Contoured midsole designed for rapid drainage

  • Also comes in Black/White


Other Outdoor Accessories - Hats for men

Columbia Bora Bora Booney II *****5 (449 ratings)

$30 | Buy from Zappos

  • Omni-Shade® UFP 50 protection from the sun

Columbia Coolhead® II Ball Cap ****5 (183 ratings)

$32) | Buy from Zappos

  • Shell: 92% polyester, 8% elastane; Brim: 100% nylon; Lining: 89% polyester, 11% elastane.

Sunday Afternoons Bahama Hat

$38 | Buy from Zappos

  • UPF 50+ Sun Rating

  • Ultra-Fine Paper/Polyester Braid

Adidas Release II Stretch Fit Structured Cap

$25.95 | Buy from Zappos

  • The cotton panel front and breathable mesh panels provide lasting comfort.

  • 80% polyester, 20% cotton.

Outdoor Research Seattle Sombrero *****5 (174 Reviews)

$52.99| Buy from Zappos

  • UPF 50 sun protection and flexible, foldable brim.

  • 100% nylon body.

  • Polyester moisture-wicking tricot lining.

With these multipurpose shoes and hats, you have no excuse to get outside. Whether it’s for a morning jog, a sailing ride or evening stroll around the block with your dog, we want to make sure that you are prepared for any occasion by having all of the right gear in one place. Now is as good of time as ever to start looking for outdoor apparel because summer is meant to be enjoyed outside!

All products featured on Men Objects are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.